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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Norwalk loses esteemed citizen

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:06 PM

JAN. 16, 1940

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 68 years ago:

Organize traffic patrol at St. Paul's school

At St. Paul's school yesterday, a school boy patrol was formed with the following members: James Ringholz, James Boose, John Boose, Louis O'Donnell and Thomas Renner.

The purpose of the organization is to assist in the directing of traffic within zone of this school, morning, noon and at closing time in the afternoon. The move is sponsored by the Huron County Automobile Club.

The boys are being instructed by city patrolman Reed Taylor and will be under the supervision of the Rev. Fr. Wm. Friemoth. The auto club will furnish the boys same brown belts, badges, whistles, raincoats, rain hats and poles and flags.

Annual meeting takes place at Old St. Paul's

Meeting last night, the vestry of St. Paul's Episcopal church elected the following vestrymen to serve the regular three year term: W.R. Williams, W.G. Gilger, Guy Harkness and John B. Laible. They will succeed the following who have retired in accordance with the regulations limiting terms of vestrymen to three years without an interval of a year or more: J.L. Wood, L.D. Strutton, W.J. Friend and H.S. Bowen. Mr. Bowen was elected to serve the unexpired term of the late vestryman G.S. Stewart.

Fred's goblin proves only a Christmas tree

Fred Isele, city fireman, witnessed a sight during the gale Sunday evening that for a moment had him wondering whether, after all, witches and goblins did not ride stormy winds o'nights.

Street lights cast moving eerie shadows as the cold wind howled. What was that? As Isele looked terrified into the yard of S.C. Noble at 5 Prospect St., what seemed to be a mad ballet dancer appeared in view whirling and leaping wildly as light as a feather.

After gyrating about in the air and near the ground, the apparition began to head for the specter, who by this time had drawn his feet close together for a quick start.

The dancer was a discarded Christmas tree whirled by the wind from the rear of the house.

Joseph Weishahn, aged 75 years, dies suddenly

Joseph L. Weishahn, 75, one of Norwalk's best known and most highly esteemed citizens, died last night at 7:30 p.m. at his home, 41 Marshall Street, after a very short illness.

Last Sunday, Mr. Weishahn was at church and attended to his regular affairs, apparently in normal health. His illness developed yesterday.

Born in Toledo, Mr. Weishahn came to Norwalk at the age of 8 and had been a resident of this city since that time. For 52 years he had been employed in railway machine shops where he was highly regarded for his pronounced ability as a mechanic. An outstanding trait of Mr. Weishahn was his devotion to his family.

The bereaved ones include his wife, Mrs. Adeline Weis Weishahn, a daughter, Mrs. Frank Reinick, seven grandchildren and a sister, Mrs. John Loretz fo Glendale, Cal. A son, Edward, died 14 years ago and a daughter, Eva, passed away eight years ago.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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