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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Fire loss at Davis home nearly $500

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:04 PM

Dec. 31, 1934

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald don this date 73 years ago:

Fire loss at Davis home nearly $500

Damage of nearly $500 was caused last night by a fire that broke out in the apartment of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Barnett on the second floor of the house on Norwalk Ave. owned by Col. And Mrs. A.W. Davis.

At 3 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Barrett left their home. The fire was discovered at 10:45 . An electric iron, the switch of which evidently had not been turned off, became overheated and burned its way through the ironing board and the floor. It came to rest on a steel ceiling of the room below. The fire then worked its sway to the side of the house and burned the outside of the building to a considerable extent.

Kill tow foxes in

big round-up

During the fox hunt Saturday that started on the farm of Walter Hoyt, south of the city, two foxes were killed. Robert Fish of Norwalk shot one and William Horning of Bronson shot the other. Both foxes were bagged on the farm of Ralph Godfrey.  The $5 realized from the sale of the foxes was turned over to the Salvation Army.

Shirley and Garbo, Moose attractions

None less than Greta Garbo in the Painted Veil and Anne Shirley in the brand new “Anne of Green Gables” will be the attractions at the big midnight show at the Moose Theatre tonight at 11:45. Scores who saw the Garbo picture Sunday declare it to be the finest the Swedish girl has yet produced.

A feature of the Moose performance will be a concert program on the magnificent pipe organ with which the house is equpt, with miss Clara Leonhardt at the console.

Record crowds jammed the Moose Sunday and a capacity house is expected there tonight to say howdy to 1935.

Cantata well rendered by musical club

Before a large and much impressed audience, about 40 Norwalk Musical club members sand Dudley Buck’s cantata, “The Coming of the King,” yesterday afternoon at the Methodist church. Morris Scott, chorus leader of the club, conducted in his highly effective way and sang a number of solos with fine effect. Mrs. Alice Watson was at the organ.

The program follows:

Prophecy, soprano solo — Mrs. Thomas Kerner.

Advent, the Chorus — Soprano and alto — Mrs. W.K. Wildeman and Miss Frieda Behrens.

The Annunciation, alto solo — Mrs. G.E. Scott; tenor solo, Mr. Frank Bursley.

The Caravan of the Magi, male chorus; Melchior, Mr. F.M. Peck; Gaspar, Mr. Wilbur Terry.

Offertory — Organ and piano — Mrs. Alice Watson, Mrs. H.N. Bedell.

Opening of Forum Theatre is auspicious

A classy event was the formal opening of the handsome new Forum Theatre Saturday and Sunday. It was thronged with patrons from the opening of the doors for the matinee thru till closing time — with a repetition Sunday. The foyer was banked high with floral offerings from well-wishing friends, and the uniformed doorman and girl ushers were a nifty innovation.

While the interior is luxurious in its carpeting and seats, yet it was the lighting effects that caught the public fancy. Manager Clary was kept busy receiving congratulations as he greeted hundreds of his old friends in the foyer.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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