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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Chicago Junction woman kills herself

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:05 PM

JAN. 8, 1904

The top stories in The Evening Herald on this date 104 years ago:

Chicago Junction woman sends

two bullets into her heart

The residents of Chicago Junction were shocked to learn of the suicide of Mrs. Anna Kilper, wife of Emery Kilper, an ice dealer. The woman took her life with a thirty-two caliber revolver, firing three shots, two of which took effect in the heart, the third going wide of the mark and striking the ceiling of the room in which she committed the deed.

No one but her four months old baby was present when the deed was done. Mr. Kilper returned home to his dinner at 11 o'clock and found his wife lying on the floor dead, with the weapon by her side.

Even next door neighbors did not hear the shots. No one can assign a motive for the terrible deed. The woman was visiting at the homes of the neighbors Friday morning and was apparently happy and cheerful.

She has been married a little over a year and so far as is known her married life was happy. Mrs. Kilper was but twenty-three years of age. It is said that she has some relatives in Norwalk, whose names could not be learned.

Relief Rooms report

The 26th annual meeting of the Ladies' Union Relief Society of Norwalk was held at the Rooms, 90 E. Monroe St., Thursday afternoon. The annual reports of the secretary-treasurer and matron were read and officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows:

President, Mrs. Harry Crump; Vice President, Mrs. James Buck, Mrs. C.A. Mead, Mrs. Thomas Briggs, Mrs. Mary Goodell, Mrs. George Sanford, Mrs. C.P. Venus, Mrs. C.P. Wickham, Mrs. Theodore Koenig, and Mrs. Oscar Tressell; Honorary Vice Presidents, Mrs. I.W. Bostwick and Mrs. M.H. Gibbs; Secretary, Mrs. Louise Culp; Treasurer, Mrs. Arletta Hout; Auxiliary Committee, Mrs. F.C. Wickham, Mrs. Malcolm Patrick and Mrs. S.A. Wildman.

Miss Lottie Gibbs was re-appointed treasurer pro tem in Mrs. Hoyt's absence. Mrs. Eliza Miller will continue to act as matron of the rooms.

Number of Norwalk military men to attend inauguration

Norwalk will be well represented at Columbus next week. Major Davis, Captain Martin and Lieutenant Taber of Col. Zimmerman's staff, will be present and Captain Williams of the governor's staff.

Dug up the price

Joseph Brown, a cigar maker, 76 years of age, spent Thursday night in Norwalk the guest of the city. Brown drank too much and started to paint the town red. His celebration cost him $1 and costs. He said that he had no money but when he learned that he would probably spend a week in the police station he found the money.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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