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'I'm old enough to know that's foolish'

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:04 PM

Family and friends are on the top of the list for New Year’s resolutions.

“My New Year’s resolution is to be better at sending birthday cards to relatives and friends,” Tina Rhine, of Norwalk, said. “I don’t acknowledge them like I should.”

Rhine said she has thought about making this resolution before, but decided this is the year to start.

“I’m going to do it this year,” she declared. “Everybody likes to receive cards, but we don’t take enough time to send them.”

Cathy McGinn, of Norwalk, also has plans.

“My resolution is to be more organized,” she said. “Coffee and chocolate weren’t good for me and the weight thing didn’t work either.”

So now she will just organize.

Heidi Helgeson, a Norwalk native, said she wasn’t sure about making a resolution.

“If I were to make one, it would be to deepen my relationships with friends and family,” she said.

Helgeson, an art teacher at an inner city school, was visiting at Sheri’s Coffee House with two children she took care of when she was a college student.

The young boy with Helgeson, Mark Heflin, 7, is doubly excited because not only will he celebrate a new year, he’ll turn 8 on Tuesday.

“New Year’s is my birthday and I want to get lots of presents,” Heflin said. He puts three items on the top of his list - a pirate ship, a spy set and a dart launcher.

Others weren’t ready to commit to resolutions.

“I’m old enough to know that’s foolish,” said Walter Pleasnick, a Norwalk native who is now visiting from his home in California. “Inevitably you break the resolution and disappoint yourself. Life is disappointing enough.”

Tom Klepper, of Norwalk, agreed. “No resolutions,” he said. “I usually break them anyhow.”

Klepper does have definate plans for New Year’s Eve — stay home.

“I don’t think I’d be caught dead out on the road tonight,” he said.

Sue Perry, while working at the post office on New Year’s Eve, had good wishes for everyone.

“My resolution is to pray for good health and friends,” she said. “Thank goodness God doesn’t give us any more than we can handle.”

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