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$20,000 bonus for recruits who report by Sept. 30

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:51 PM

Active Army recruits with no prior military service who enlist at least two years in the active Army and report for training within 30 days (prior to Sept. 30) may be eligible for an enlistment bonus of $20,000.

This $20,000 bonus can be combined with other existing cash enlistment bonuses. The maximum combination of cash bonuses for a four-year or more year enlistment is $40,000.

Cash enlistment bonuses may also be combined with either the Army's Loan Repayment Program or the Army College Fund, but not both. The Army College Fund, which is available to recruits who select high-priority specialties, offers up to $72,900 for higher education when combined with the Montgomery GI Bill. The Student Loan Repayment Program, available to all recruits with qualifying student loans who enlist for at least three years in any military occupational specialty, can repay up to $65,000. To learn more, visit goarmy.com.

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