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Toasts and Roasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Toast Executive Director Lucinda Smith and everybody at Huron County Senior Enrichment Services, which celebrated its 35th birthday Friday with a party. The agency has coordinated more than half a million trips and prepared almost three-quarters of a million meals for local senior citizens. The agency features groups such as a drama club, crochet club, lunch bunch and senior ambassadors.

Roast Ohio Rep. John Boehner, the Republican House leader from Ohio who last week called fellow Republicans having second thoughts about supporting war in Iraq "wimps." This from the man who at least twice in the past year has bizarrely broken down crying on the floor of the House during speeches. We'd suggest public bawling is less manly than looking out for the best interests of our troops and the nation.

Toast everybody who participated over the weekend in Norwalk's sixth-annual Relay for Life, a celebration for cancer survivors and a way to honor those who have died from the disease. Dr. Brian Murphy, who practices at North Coast Cancer Care and Fisher-Titus Medical Center, summed up the spirit of the event with this poem, "What Cancer Cannot Take From You" "It cannot take your Faith, Shatter your hope, or lessen your Love. It cannot destroy true Friendship, Invade the Soul, Or take away Eternal Life. It cannot conquer your Spirit."

Roast Michael and Sharen Gravelle for trying to get people to contribute to their defense fund. Huron County taxpayers have already spent enough to ensure they received a fair trial. A jury of their peers determined the Gravelles were, in fact, guilty of crimes for the treatment of their 11 adopted children. A judge has sentenced them to prison or what some may consider to be a cage-like enclosure. It's time the Gravelles stop crying for money and accept their punishment before we turn the hose on them.

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