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Temper lands man in jail

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:02 PM

DEC. 11, 1912

The top stories in The Evening Herald on this date 95 years ago:

Temper lands man in jail

Thomas Jefferson, not he of Jeffersonian simplicity, but he of bad temper, is in the county jail awaiting action of the grand jury, to which he was bound over my Mayor Billmyer of Bellevue, on the charge of malicious destruction of property.

Last Friday evening, Jefferson entered the Methodist Church during choir rehearsal. The church parlors were all arranged for a Christmas bazaar to be held the next day. The peculiar actions of the man led the church people to believe that he had evil designs on the fancy work displayed in the booths and they called the police and caused his arrest that he might be detained in a safe place overnight.

The next morning Thomas was given a nominal fine and given his liberty. Straightaway Jefferson beat it for the Methodist Church and picking up a handful of rocks heaved them through the stained class windows, the missiles falling about the women inside the church who were conducting the bazaar. The man then sat down on the curb and awaited the arrival of the police, who were not slow in getting there.

When asked for an explanation of his action after his arrest, the prisoner explained at great length that the church was a house of God and consequently open to whosoever might feel inclined to enter and that in his arrest of the night before he had been wronged and was actuated by a desire for revenge when he hurled the stones through the windows.

Wife charges willful absence

The latest divorce suit is that of Mabel Van Buren against Frank Van Buren, who charges her husband with willful absence for more than three years, claiming that he abandoned here and their children in May since which time he has not lived with them.

The plaintiff also charges gross neglect of duty, alleging that for more than three years he has failed to provide the necessities of life, compelling her to work for the support of her self and children.

In addition to divorce, Mrs. Van Buren asks for the custody of the children and alimony.

Smile Club will soon get busy

No, the Norwalk Smile Club has not disbanded and the anxious inquirers who have been wondering why active operations have begun can get ready to dig down into their jeans for their annual contribution for the manufacture of smiles among Norwalk's children of the poor.

For a number of years past, the Smile Club has had charge of the Christmas for the poor and this years to be no exception, according to president Theodore Williams, who says a meeting of the club will be called at once and an active and short campaign made for the necessary funds with which to carry on the work of the organization.

Thursday's date will be 12-12-12

Have you discovered yet that when you use numerals to express the date Thursday, you will repeat the number twelve three times, "12-12-12," meaning the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year?

A similar condition will probably not occur again in the life of persons old enough to use the combination, for the next year that will furnish a similar combination of figures will be ninety years hence, "2-2-2," second day of the second month of 2002."

By the way, better keep your fingers crossed because the next day is Friday the 13th.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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