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Roasts & Toasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

Roast all of the unkempt houses around town. The issue came to light earlier this month at Norwalk's city council meeting. A house at 16 N. Pleasant St. has been sitting empty for two years since its owner, Margaret Ryan, died. Council has started the process to get the house razed, but that will take time. This is an unfortunate situation with Ryan's death and no family to take the house. But there are other houses around town that are a mess and the owners just don't seem to care. That hurts the property value for everybody on the street and in some cases the decaying houses could pose safety issues.

Toast everybody involved with Friday's fundraiser for Joseph Conway, the local youngster who is battling cancer. The area behind the Reflector was buzzing Friday morning as Jerry Gravenhorst and his crew began grilling more than 1,000 chicken halves. A number of St. Paul football players a couple of them related to Conway volunteered their time to help with the grilling. And it looked like a well-oiled machine at lunchtime as workers kept the dinners coming. It's good to see the community come together in support of somebody in need.

Roast Mother Nature for screwing up opening night of the 2007 high school football season. Fans at some of the area games Friday night had to sit and wait out a lightning delay. The Norwalk-Edison game was delayed for about two hours and did not end until almost midnight. The South Central-Buckeye Central game had to be completed Saturday. The score after one week of the high school season? Mother Nature 1, Football 0.

Toast all of the custodians, teachers, administrators and everybody involved in getting school ready for another year. Just getting the school class lists together is a tough job as last-minute enrollments force numerous changes. Area superintendents report their schools look great and the state report cards show area schools appear to be moving in the right direction.

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