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Real estate transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM



Rudy Ramon with life estate of Juanita V. Ramon to Rudy Ramon, 226 Buckeye St.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jordan R. Labenne, 417 High St., $84,000.


Jeffrey M. Kirk to Jeffery M. Kirk, 5 Beechwood Drive.

James E. and Tiffany N. Houghtlen or survivor to Dolores M. Tice, 22 Orchard St., $84,500.

Regina A. Perkins to James I. Hale, 14 Pierce St., $7,000.

U.S. Bank National Association as trustee to Gary and Cynthia Flint or survivor, 23 Orchard St., $28,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Bradley M. Hartley and Marie A. Breyman, 37 N. Kniffin St., $51,500.


Central Ohio Energy, Inc. an Ohio Corporation to Sandusky Street Monroeville LLC, 149 Sandusky St., $3,026,800.

Charles R. and Anita Marie Miller to Charles R. Miller aka Charles R. Miller, Sr., 60 Manchester St.

New London

Harvey Flowers in care of Stanley Stone to Thomas R. Hess, 89 Third St., $72,200.

William Vanetta to W. W. Development Company, 71 S. Railroad St., $700.


Carolyn Lee Lesniewski and Edward Zupancic to Carolyn Lee Lesniewski, 4 Joel Way.

Carolyn Lee Lesniewski to Thomas Michael Lesniewski, 4 Joel Way.

John J. Merrilees, Jr. to John J. Merrilees, Jr., trustee, 32 Parsons St.

Jeff Sanders to U.S. Bank National Association as trustee, 195 Spino St., $76,000.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. trustee to Home Buyers Group of Ohio LLC, 15 Corwin St., $31,700.

Ralph F. Albright, trustee to Faye L. Albright, successor trustee, 143 Sycamore Drive.

Dennis G. Furlong to Randall C. Black and Susanna L. Porter or survivor, 18 King John Drive, $249,900.

Michael J. and Margaret Bockrath to Margaret M. Bockrath, trustee, Sycamore Drive.

Margaret M. Bockrath, trustee to Dennis G. and Samantha L. Furlong or survivor, 139 Sycamore Drive, $369,000.


Peter Scruton and Robin Stannard or survivor to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 20 North St.


Gordon and Betty L. Holden to Gordon L. Holden aka Gordon Holden, 516 Woodland Ave.

Karen A. Flood to William D. Wiseman, 554 Laurel St., $54,000.


Clarksfield Twp.

Jacob A. Schlosser, trustee to Countrytyme Lodi Ltd., Monroe Road.

Greenwich Twp.

Edward D., Jr. and Carol R. Kelsey to Matthew C. McGahhey, 4863 Ninevah Road, $150,000.

Hartland Twp.

Eve M. Lebron to David E. and Kimberly S. Taylor, 2423 Zenobia Road, $190,000.

Norwich Twp.

Gary Ondrusek and Luz Sanchez or survivor to Jeffrey R. and Kathleen A. Dewey or survivor, Twin Bay Trail, $5,000.

Helen M. Hicks to Donna J. Craven, 4240 Townline Road 12.

Helen M. Hicks to Joyce A. McGahhey et al, 4238 Townline Road 12.

Peru Twp.

John A. and Beverly A. Brooks or survivor to Kenneth M. and Tracy A. Brooks or survivor, Geiger Road, $2,491.

Charles R. and Anita M. Miller to Charles R. Miller aka Charles R. Miller, Sr., 3588 Pontiac Section Line Road.

Ripley Twp.

Dorothy M. Snipes to Delton H. and Ruth Ann Martin or survivor, Plymouth East Road, $104,000.

Townsend Twp.

Sandra K. Meinen to Darrell L. and Elizabeth K. Abner or survivor, 3713 Medusa Road, $25,000.

Collins Elevator, Inc. to S. M. Grose, Railroad Street, $2,000.

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