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Real estate transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:44 PM



Floyd C. and Eileen R. Shaffer to Eileen R. Shaffer, 428 Buckeye St.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company trustee to Christine P. Bond, 311 Buckeye St., $68,000.

Chelton Paul and Frances McElwain or survivor to Frances McElwain, 232 Brinker St.


Stanley M. and Jacqueline C. Eichelberger or survivor to Thomas M. Dupee, 12 Union St., $88,250.

Rebecca Taylor and Roger Donnamiller to Michael Finnegan, Senior Drive, $22,900.


JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee to Adam T. Hauler, 118 Broad St., $60,400.

New London

Curtis D. Barnett and Geneva Barnett or survivor to Carlotta M. Stout, 31 E. Hooker St., $65,000.

Connie L. and Kenneth Bailey or survivor to U.S. Bank National Association as trustee, 48 Clinton St., $18,667.


Mary J. Reisig aka Mary Jane Reisig to Ryan J. and Tawny Orwig or survivor, 201 Spino St., $116,000.

Fanniemae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert J. Foster, 120 Fairway Circle, $129,900.

Tonya Lynn Wobser to Charles D. and Stacy Corbin or survivor, 26 Marian Drive, $99,000.

Tresler G. Dillon to David C. and Deborah M. Timmerman or survivor, 13 Deer Track Trail, $115,000.

Donald T. and Marjean M. Hohler or survivor to Hohler Family LP an Ohio Limited Partnership, 2 Richard Way.

Lucille H. Kerr to Frank W. Van Dresser, Jr., 159 St. Marys St., $100,000.

William J. and Raymonde M. Dahnke or survivor to William J. Dahnke, trustee, 17 Katherine Way.

William I. and Annette R. Garman or survivor to Annette R. Garman, 127 Benedict Ave.

Cheryl L. Olcott to Maria B. and Jonathan H. Stein or survivor, 12 Katherine Way, $175,000.

Linda L. Davenport to Barbara Jane Beach, 22 Walnut St., $103,000.

Elvin J. and Mary E. Ventresco or survivor to Cheryl A. Murray, 50 Chapel Drive, $187,000.

Linda J. Cherry to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 6 N. Garden St.

Lynne E. Golden to Rebecca L. Wilson, 4 Hampton Way, $146,000.


Wanda Caudill to Brian and Melissa Sexton, 32 W. Broadway St., $16,000.


Mila M. aka Mila Traicoff to Mila M. Traicoff, trustee, 43 Cherdon Circle.


Darlene A. Kucinic to Fannie Mae, 706 Clark St.


Fairfield Twp.

Charlotte Burras in care of Eric Wilhelm to Eric S. Wilhelm et al, 1081 New State Road.

Greenfield Twp.

Paul L. Shepard to William L. and Sylvia F. Nedolast or survivor, Waterview Court, $20,000.

Michael R. and Joyce A. Oddo or survivor to Kenneth J. Matson, 186 Twin Bay Trail, $206,000.

Hartland Twp.

Howard V. and Virginia L. Wolfe to Howard V. and Virginia L. Wolfe or survivor, 2968 Murray Road.

Lyme Twp.

Michael T. and Ann M. Englert or survivor to Jeffrey O. and Mindy M. Raymond, Prairie Road, $36,000.

Norwalk Twp.

Theodore and Teresa M. Dunn or survivor to Robert D. and Teresa Carbary or survivor, 5204 Tomahawk Drive, $223,000.

Leonard B. and Dorothy I. Glass or survivor to Richard A. Bryant, 4837 Tumney Trail Drive, $160,000.

Peru Twp.

Richard A. Bryant to Gregory V. and Krista L. Schafer or survivor, 3285 Fern Road, $213,000.

Ripley Twp.

Harold Tackett et al to Galen E. and Beth A. Eberly or survivor, 280 U.S. 224, $147,400.

Harold Tackett et al to Phillip Worcester, U.S. 224, $111,000.

Phillip Worcester to Howard and Jane Krikke or survivor, U.S. 224, $111,623.

Howard and Jane Krikke or survivor to Krikke Farms LLC, U.S. 224.

Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Timothy L. McCormack, 4041 Old State Road, $60,000.

Sherman Twp.

Edwin Didion with life estate et al to Dorothy T. Shelley and Rita L. Brandal with life estate, 1780 Heyman Road.

Townsend Twp.

Andrew and Faith Rospert or survivor to Dylan T. and Ashley N. Smith or survivor, Collins Road, $24,000.

Collins Elevator, Inc. to Ted H. III and Stacy A. Heitsche, Railroad Street, $1,000.

Collins Elevator, Inc. to James S. Evans, Railroad Street, $1,000.

Collins Elevator, Inc. to Curtis L. and Barbara L. Conley, Railroad Street, $1,000.

Wakeman Twp.

John J. and Lois Conry to John J. Jr. and Brian Edward and Lois Conry, Wakeman Townline Road.

John J. Jr. and Brian Edward and Lois Conry to John J. Jr. and Brian Edward Conry, Wakeman Townline Road.

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