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Real Estate Transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:50 PM



Theodore V. Scherling, Jr. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 413 Green Street, $50,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Sean M. and Andrea M. McFarlin or survivor, 413 Green Street, $55,000.

Joseph A. and Kathryn L. Hosang to Joseph A. and Kathryn L. Hosang or survivor, 203 Sheffield St.


Donald R. and Mary Lou McGatha or survivor to Federal National Mortgage Association, 37 N. Kniffin St.


Fanniemae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Melissa S. Morrow, 19 Milan Ave., $64,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas to Christopher Barman, 17 Prospect St., $59,000.

Thomas R. Zippel to Alison D. Jenkins, 186 Monroe St., $129,000.

Joseph R. Brown et al to Firelands Properties LLC, 52 N. Main St.

George Starling Powley and Rosemary Powley Cole to 4S Land Development LLC, Norwalk Street, $260,000.

New London

Kevin G. Riley to Rodney W. Barnes, 88 N. Maple St., $71,500.


Mark A. and Andrea E. Hinckley or survivor to American General Financial Services, Inc., 8 Townsend Ave., $53,334.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Maria G. Martinez and Hipolito Torres Ortega, 7 Parkridge Court, $133,000.

Ralph F. and Mary Ann Ritzenthaler to Ralph F. and Mary Ann Ritzenthaler or survivor, Stoutenburg Drive.

Richard and Susan Carlisle or survivor to Richard G. and Susan J. Carlisle, co-trustees, 20 N. Pleasant St.

Robert D., Sr. and Cynthia M. Alt with life estate of R. D. Alt, Sr. to Cynthia M. and Charles L. Alt, Sr., 49 Fruen St.

Wayne A. Smith to Elizabeth A. Gilbert, 9 Jefferson St., $50,000.

Robert E. and Jean M. Null, trustees to Jean M. Null, trustee, 90 Christie Ave.

Thomas M. Bickley to Hank Realty Company an Ohio General Partnership, 17 N. Hester St., $52,000.

Brian M. Vogus to Paul and Jessi Bennett or survivor, 186 St. Marys St., $142,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Colleen A. Lynch, 63 Woodlawn Ave., $47,500.

Joseph R. Brown et al to Firelands Properties LLC, 10 State St.

Seitz Design & Construction, Inc. to Mark T. and Vickie L. Beatty or survivor, 1 Cricket Lane, $33,500.

Aegis Mortgage Corporation to Donna J. Lynch, 187 Whittlesey Ave., $42,500.


Paul A. Stephens and Amanda C. Tash or survivor to Jonathon L. Reeder, 68 Park Ave., $62,000.


Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage to Joel R. Jester, 302 Howard St., $21,000.

U.S. Bank National Association as trustee to Charles R. and Nancy J. Danhoff or survivor, 125 Hayes St., $35,000.

Kenneth H. Cox to Michele E. and Robert K. Clements or survivor, 304 Park St., $64,900.

Roberta K. Worcester to Roberta K. aka Roberta F. Worcester, 20 Hillcrest Drive.

Jantz C. and Shelley L. Morey or survivor to Shelley L. Morey, 729 Clark St., $4,000.

Curtis D. and Geneva Barnett to Charles V. Arnold III, 103 Myrtle Ave., $36,000.


Clarksfield Twp.

Michael M. and Jennifer Bryk or survivor to John J. Fuchs and Teresa A. Crawford or survivor, 680 Monroe Road, $228,000.

Michael J. and Norma Mayer to Michael J. Mayer, 251 Ohio 60.

Elizabeth A. Smith to Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association, 4941 Clarksfield Court, $63,334.

Dawn Metz to Glen D. and Linda M. Ziegman or survivor, 5268 Ferry Road, $42,000.

Verlie M. Brune to Paul W. and Daisy J. Windham, 4705 Wenz Road.

Paul W. and Daisy J. Windham to Paul W. aka Paul W., Jr. and Daisy J. Windham or survivor, 4705 Wenz Road.

Fairfield Twp.

Darlene A. White, trustee to Stoneham Properties Ltd. an Ohio Partnership, 636 S. Old State Road, $375,000.

Stoneham Properties Ltd. an Ohio Partnership to Gerald and Marjorie Palm or survivor, Old State Road.

Stoneham Properties Ltd. an Ohio Partnership to Cody W. Bergstedt, 636 S. Old State Road, $85,000.

John Fridley to Rita and John Fridley, 1392 Edwards Road.

Hartland Twp.

Pauline E. Bedford with life estate et al to Kathleen L. Bennett, 1700 Derussey Road.

Kathleen L. Bennett to David M. and Rachel L. Stevens or survivor, 1700 Derussey Road, $314,000.

Phillip M. and Amber C. Daniels to Wayne A. and Dee Dee L. Keckler or survivor, 2480 Hartland Center Road, $38,000.

Norwalk Twp.

William C. and Dawn L. Fox or survivor to Alan R. and Virginia K. Lee or survivor, 508 Seminary Road, $108,000.

Jeremy W. and Beata Earl or survivor to Antonio Cruz, 4656 Whittlesey Road, $278,500.

Terry A. and Sheryll Baker or survivor to Sheryll A. Baker aka Sheryll Baker, 4321 Ohio 601.

Norwich Twp.

CEG Partnership to Ralph H. Phillips, trustee, Scottwood Road, $231,000.

Ridgefield Twp.

Lloyd and Bonnie Balduff or survivor to Lloyd Balduff, 5309 Ohio 99.

Townsend Twp.

Michael E. and Patricia L. Ritz or survivor to Ritz Family LP, 3909 Hartland Center Road.

Wakeman Twp.

Patricia P. Knapp to Janet G. Spicuzza, Butler Road.

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