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Porcupine Tree wows HOB crowd

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:44 PM

Porcupine Tree kicked butt last Friday night at the House of Blues in Cleveland.

Everything clicked. The band played a great set list, had terrific sound and performed in front of a packed house.

Porcupine Tree is touring in support of its latest release, "Fear of a Blank Planet."

The band played the entire new album, which is about 50 minutes, to start the show. They then took a 5-minute break and then proceeded to wow the crowd with 65 more minutes of PT classics.

PT even played obscure songs such as 2002's "Drown With Me" and 2005's "Half Light," which were both album B-sides. The band also threw in "Sever" from 1996's "Signify."

Porcupine Tree has been building up steam ever since its released its first album, "On the Sunday of Life," way back in 1991.

In 2002, "In Absentia" started to get the group recognized here in the States and then 2005's "Deadwing" started to bang on the door.

Now, "Fear of a Blank Planet" has kicked the door down.

PT front man Steven Wilson noted at a recent London concert, "it's only taken 20 years to finally get a hit record."

The Cleveland show had it all. A video screen added haunting images to compliment the songs.

A show highlight was the 17-minute, "Anesthetize" from the new CD. The entire new disc really covers one theme the ways today's youth, threw video games, television, mindless music and prescription pills are numbing themselves through life.

Wilson was presented a batch of toy trains from a woman in the front row, which prompted the band to play an unexpected version of "Trains" from "In Absentia" later in the show.

Porcupine Tree's music is hard to describe. In the '90s, it was more psychedelic, but with each passing album the songs became more melody-oriented, and in this decade Wilson has incorporated some metal into the tunes. Today's PT is the perfect combination of all those elements, including some pop.

When Wilson isn't busy with PT he's involved in a side project with Aviv Geffen, who is a pop star in Israel. These two have teamed up for a pair of Blackfield albums, which some have called "Porcupine Tree Light."

Porcupine Tree really is the Rush and Yes of this generation.

I haven't quite had my full dose of PT yet, as I'm going to catch them one more time on this tour leg, this time Wednesday at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit.

I sure hope they come back for a fall U.S. tour. I know I'll be there.

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