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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:48 PM

Twilight Gardens

Residents had a small Uno tournament to keep busy during such a cold and snowy day. Nadinia W. was the winner, while Mary P. was second.

Twilight's Super Bowl party was a blast. The entire dining room was decorated in Chicago Bears colors and Colts colors. The staff brought the big screen T.V. in and watched it on there. Lots of food was served. Taco dip w/chips, pickled eggs and pizza rolls, etc. It was so fun, everyone said.

The Chapel Friends did a Sunday service on representing Jesus wherever you are and in whatever you do.

The drama team was back in action with Donna Mae and Dessie Mae pretending to be nursing home residents and Marilyn S. was the nurse. Joan Yarber said she wouldn't have missed it for the world.

In honor of national potato month, the activities staff and a large group of people made potato candy and homemade french fries. To make potato candy you have to have one small potato mashed then you add powdered sugar until stiff. Roll out then spread peanut butter on top, then you roll it up like a jelly roll.

Bingo winners were, Jeanette H. won the special game where you had to have a picture frame, she won a lovely lap robe. Vera S., Zella K., Jean W. and Mary P. all won twice.

For fitness fun, during coffee break, residents did stretches with Carol S., Vera S., Helen T., Diane L. while sipping on their favorite drinks. Then residents played some catch.

Kathleen Sigsworth, a communion distributor from St. Paul Catholic Church held a communion service for residents. Reciting the Rosary followed. Residents decorated some heart shaped foam picture frames for Valentine's Day with glitter glue.

Twilight Gardens will be having the annual chocolate party from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday. The public is welcome, residents will be having all the chocolate goodies you can imagine, and it's free.

Norwalk Memorial Home

Baby, it's cold outside.......everyone in this area has been talking about the weather, including the folks at Norwalk Memorial Home. Many remember walking to school or work in temperatures rivaling the ones recently. Residents do not remember school being called off for frigid temperatures or indeed, stopping whatever they were doing.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, residents made homemade valentines to give to loved ones. Several remember special gifts for Valentine's Day.

Wheel of Fortune was certainly the game of the week with Vanna White known in this area as Krista Wagner, attempting to stump the contestants. She has found that this is nearly impossible as residents are very sharp.

Musical entertainers this week included Ann Baker on the violin, Jami Fitzgerald on the piano and Iverna on the organ. Calvary Baptist Church youth entertained with spiritual songs.

Cooking class created raisin bran muffins and while the delicious aroma of muffins filled the air, they had a trivia competition of "Places Around The World."

The Rev. Rob Duncan conducted the Sunday church service and residents recited the Rosary with staff members.

Gaymont Nursing Center

Valentine decorations went up this week. Susan Beck, Kenny Root and Gloria Grashel helped Pat as she went around the facility hanging heart shaped balloons and placing holiday decorations on windows and bulletin boards. Residents attending craft class made decorations for their individual rooms.

Many activities were curtailed this week due to several cases of the flu, however residents would never pass up bingo. Charlotte Burras, Ethel Muhar and Bev Randall were winners. Donna Ratliff and Mary Jenkins continued their ongoing Yahtze game nearly every day. Ann Shum, volunteer from St. Paul Catholic Church, conducted communion and led the Rosary.

Pet visits continued with "Miss Pinky" the kitten and "Phoebe" the Golden Retriever making their appearance, and the movie feature of the week was "Junction Boys," the story of Paul "Bear" Bryant. Balloon volleyball was played with a huge inflated heart-shaped balloon.

The Valentine wedding on "The Regis and Kelly Show" drew a large crowd to the television Friday morning as residents enjoyed their coffee and doughnut hour, and Friday evening they attended happy hour with virgin daiquiris, non-alcoholic beer, and hors d'oeuvres. Clark Fisher led a sing-along of favorite hymns on Saturday.

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