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Man admits to sex acts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

An Ashland man is accused of committing multiple sex acts with two boys in Greenwich Township.

Jeffrey M. Siron, 18, currently is in custody at the Huron County Jail on a charge of sexual battery. He first denied committing the offenses, but "eventually confessed to these sex acts," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Dane Howard said.

The two victims, from Greenwich and Ashland, are first cousins. Howard said the suspect is associated with the two boys from a distant family relation, but is not related to them.

One boy, now 14, was likely 12 when it started. "We were able to confirm he was 13 during some of the acts," Howard said.

"It's a tough case. It's tough on these two kids. They're traumatized to say the least," the detective said.

Lt. Randy Sommers, the deputy who handles sex and juvenile-related cases, handled the majority of the investigation last week. Sommers was on vacation Wednesday night when Howard was appointed to the case and interviewed Siron in Ashland.

"It appeared the suspect was attempting to make contact with the victims again," Howard said.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler, who spoke to Howard after his interview, said Siron could face charges of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor or sexual battery if he is indicted later.

Unlawful sexual conduct "focuses on the elements of age difference," Leffler said, while rape and sexual battery charges "have elements of coercion."

Siron faces a pending bond hearing in Norwalk Municipal Court.

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