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Local FFA members to be honored at state convention

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:55 PM

COLUMBUS Numerous FFA members from across Huron County will receive honor awards at the upcoming State FFA Convention May 3 to 5. It will be at the grounds of the Ohio State Fair.

During the convention several thousand FFA members in blue and gold coats will gather for the annual convention and once again Huron County will be well represented.

Josh Weaver of the New London FFA chapter will be vying for a place on the prestigious Ohio FFA officer team; he is running for the office of District 2 President, which represents this area.

Some 27 youth from schools across the county will be receiving the prestigious "Ohio FFA Degree", which is the third-highest degree in the FFA. The highest degree in the FFA association is that of the "American Farmer Degree," four youth from around the county will be recognized for that prestigious degree, as only 2 percent of the FFA members from across the U.S. receive that degree. Those youth receiving the state degree include:

Western Reserve FFA: James Bolden, Stephen Hahn, Lilly Hansberger, Megan Hembree, Kori Roth, Sara Scheerer, Seth Todd and Maria Zimmerman.

South Central FFA Chapter: Frank Gannett, Lance Isaac, Cory Isaac, Olivia Miller, Kevin Poth and Stephanie Spoerr.

Willard FFA Chapter: Nathan Bennich, Dan Phillips, Rance Smith and Mike Swartzmiller.

Bellevue FFA Chapter: Julianne Boies, Heather Carbary, Kory Keegan, Laura Miller, Nate Thompson, Tori Williamson, Travis Wright, Josh Wurzel and Cody Ziegler.

New London FFA Chapter: Josh Weaver.

Those receiving the American Farmer Degree, which is the highest degree in the FFA Association that a member can achieve, include:

Monroeville FFA Chapter: Megan Gates and Jessica Schafer.

South Central FFA Chapter: Spencer Gray.

Western Reserve FFA Chapter: Joe Zimmerman.

Numerous Huron County youth will also be recognized for their achievements in the top four in the state, in the area of proficiency awards through their projects, they will find out just how they ranked in the state, they include:

South Central FFA Chapter: Stephanie Spoerr "Poultry production."

Willard FFA Chapter: Sabrina Featheringill "Small animal production and care", and Nathan Benich "Diversified livestock production."

Bellevue FFA Chapter: Nate Thompson "Diversified horticulture," "Landscape management" and nursery operations, Mike Henney "Organic ag."

New London FFA Chapter:

In the area of officers books the following members will be honored in their respective areas for their particular chapter:

Bellevue FFA: Heather Carbary, reporter, Nichole Steinmetz, secretary and Cody Ziegler, treasurer.

New London FFA: Brittany Covender, reporter, Justin Shreve, secretary and Samantha Taylor, treasurer.

South Central FFA: Joseph Pennell, reporter, Emily Krikke, secretary and Frank Gannett, treasurer.

Western Reserve FFA: Kori Roth, reporter, Lilly Hansberger, secretary and Sara Scheerer, treasurer.

Monroeville FFA: Shannon Kincaid, reporter and Amy Higgins, secretary.

FFA members from Huron County will also be honored for their achievements in judging contest, speaking contests and numerous other contests at the state level. There will also be FFA members from Huron County that will be a big part of the state band and choir that performs while the convention takes place.

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