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Land Transfers

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:43 PM



Gregory S. and Linda H. Grice or survivor to Christopher Andrews, 418 Sherman St., $72,000.

Benedetto Fontana to Bank of New York Trust Company N.A. as successor, 231 Lyme St., $26,667.

Englund Family Partnership with life estate of M. I. and F. E. Englund to Euglund Family Partnership with life estate of Eugene E. Englund, 115 Broad St.


Morequity, Inc. to Aaron J. Boes, 383 Monroe St., $48,500.

Westcott Enterprises LLC to Brown Real Property Holdings LLC, 4 S. Main St., $73,700.

Hurmon, Inc. in care of Donald Morrow to Pamela S. Morrow, trustee, 69 Ridge St.

New London

Darwin D. and Melissa D. Marshall or survivor to Melissa D. Williams aka Melissa D. Marshall, 165 Williams St.


Hugh Toombs to Dennis A. Bishop, Jr. and Alisa R. Kessler or survivor, 149 Whittlesey Ave., $98,000.

Steven M. and Carrie M. Christman or survivor to Eugene J. and Carrie M. Hartman or survivor, 131 Fairway Circle.

Ralph F. and Mary Ann Ritzenthaler or survivor to Mary Ann Ritzenthaler, 10 St. Clair St.

Chad L. and Donna E. Coon or survivor to Cindy L. Brown, 161 E. Main St., $116,500.

Edwin E. Englert et al with life estate of V. M. and J. A. Englert to Edwin E. Englert et al, 9 Jackson St.

Edwin E. Englert et al to Edwin E. Englert et al, 9 Jackson St.

Edwin E. Englert et al to Norbert A. and Susan L. Smith, trustees, 9 Jackson St., $95,000.


Curtis Barnett to Curtis L. and Tammy M. Handshoe or survivor, 266 W. Broadway St., $109,000.


Betty L. Seibert to Debbie L. Hayes et al, 933 Maplewood St.

Stephen L. Gibson, Jr. to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas as trustee, 18 Church St., $55,250.

Roger A. Runion et al to Roger A. and Damon Runion, 413 Park St.

Roger A. and Damon Runion to Denise McConnell, 413 Park St., $61,500.

Delores F. Boswell to Jeffrey B. and Cassandra L. Barman or survivor, 244 W. Main St., $90,000.

Phillip Stone et al to CCM Properties LLC, 501-538 Quail Creek Drive, $1,500,000.

Perlie Clark in care of Claybern Phillips to Matthew Shininger, 710 Clark St., $38,600.


Bronson Twp.

M. Jay & Associates an Ohio Partnership to George J. and Sandra J. Townsend or survivor, New State Road, $12,000.

Grande Maison Construction Company LLC to Catherine L. Barney, 4 Eagle Creek Drive, $299,900.

Clarksfield Twp.

Byron H. and Wanda A. Dalton or survivor to Mark A. Schaffer, Ohio 18, $615,650.

Donald F. and Margaret J. Jackson, trustees to Charles A. and Vickie Holdren or survivor, Cook Road, $355,000.

Greenfield Twp.

Jason A. Artz to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, 1192 Lakewood Road, $165,000.

Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Jason R. and Michelle A. Roblin, 1192 Lakewood Road, $164,000.

New Haven Twp.

Vana Mae Bolen to Ed Robinson, Graham Road and Ohio 99, $6,200.

Norwalk Twp.

Joseph Aron Leroux to Cornerstone Concrete & Masonry LLC, 4715 Gibbs Road, $32,900.

Richmond Twp.

Jason J. and Janet L. Eitle or survivor to Dennis D. Eitle, 5550 Bull Head Road.

Ripley Twp.

Naomi Caudill to Jerry L. and Alice F. Hamons, U.S. 224.

Wakeman Twp.

Cathleen M. Bauer to Joseph C. Allread, 2751 Butler Road, $165,000.

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