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Land Transfer

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:52 PM


Clarksfield Twp.

Ian E. Brennan and Linda L. Siedlarczyk or survivor to Larry D. Mitchell, 1457 Butler Road, $147,500.

Lyme Twp.

Michael S. and Sandra J. Burgess or survivor to Citifinancial Mortgage Company, Inc., 6581 Seel Road, $149,900.

Norwalk Twp.

Calvin C., Jr. and Sharon M. Renneckar or survivor to Calvin C., Jr. and Sharon M. Renneckar, trustees, 26 Ridgewood Drive.

Evelyn N. Fauber to Lois A. Murray, trustee, 16 Ridgewood Drive, $146,000.

Norwich Twp.

James D. Pomerich to Janice L. Pomerich, 4324 Townline Road 12, $96,000.

Marilyn E. Vanderbeck to James D. and Adavee J. Pomerich or survivor, 4370 Townline Road 12, $96,000.

Peru Twp.

Richard R. and Mary Ann Brooks to Richard R. and Mary Ann Brooks or survivor, 1562 Geiger Road.

Richmond Twp.

Danny Pauley, Jr. to Danny, Jr. and Dawn A. Pauley or survivor, 3156 Lamar Court.

James M. and Margaret A. Depinet or survivor to Douglas A. and Julie A. Steinmetz, 3044 Liberty Road, $36,000.

Ridgefield Twp.

Robert R. and Angela M. Roth to Robert R. and Angela M. Roth or survivor, 1652 Washington Road.

Sherman Twp.

Michelle M. Stevens to Chad W. Stevens, 4695 Pontiac Section Line Road.

Marilyn E. Ries to Anna M. and Richard T. Meyer or survivor, Ohio 269, $19,234.



Charles D. Gildenmeister to Charles D. Gildenmeister, Northwest Street.

Carrie A. Russell to Neil J. Heuring, 287 Southwest St., $96,000.

Lawrence R., Jr. and Joan E. Malott to Mark W. and Martha J. Weidinger or survivor, 151 Wood St., $95,900.


Kinsel and Sarah Viola Hettinger, trustees to Robert S. Evans, Market Street, $65,000.


Applewood Grove LLC to Stephanie Bangura, 7 MacIntosh Road, $22,500.

Jerry W. Hunt to Dennis C. Hull, 60 Parsons St., $110,000.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc., Whittlesey Avenue, 15 Falcon Crest Drive, Units A and B, and 19 Falcon Crest Drive, Units A and B.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation to Jeffrey S. Osborn and Wendy S. Missler or survivor, 10 Manahan Ave.

Ridge Real Properties LLC to Joseph A. and Stephanie M. Cain or survivor, 58 Norwood Ave., $74,900.

Jeffrey W. and Lisa M. Scheel or survivor to Migel J. and Sara J. Casillas, 140 Woodlawn Ave., $129,000.

Thomas J. Ruffing to Thomas J. Ruffing, 328 E. Main St.

Cynthia A. Orosz to Cynthia A. Orosz, trustee, 4 White Tail Way.

McMann Limited Partnership to Carl G. Ekx and Pamela J. Derby or survivor, 38 W. Seminary St., $66,000.


Federal National Mortgage Association to Kristen J. Byrne, 218 Hayes St., $45,000.

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