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Huron Co. safety forces united

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:57 AM

United our public safety forces stand in Huron County.

Usually it's during unfortunate circumstances or tragic events such as national disasters, a medical emergency, motor vehicle crash, devastating house fire, or after being victimized by crime, etc. that various law enforcement, fire and rescue, or emergency medical services cross each other's paths. On Oct. 6, 2007 that was not the case as public safety forces stood united together enjoying fun, food, and commradery during the first ever Huron County public safety appreciation picnic held at the Bronson Norwalk Conservation League.

This event was a great opportunity for all public safety forces throughout all of Huron County to network with each other and put a more personal face with the other uniformed professionals they often come into contact with during their tour duty, share one of their favorite dishes with each other, and feel appreciated for the careers they have devoted their lives to. It was also nice to let the children interact with the Sheriff K-9, LifeFlight Helicopter, and Norwalk fire truck.

This event was a start of something good which needs to continue not only to show support, but also to make our public safety forces stronger and better by working together and appreciating the jobs of those other uniformed professionals which we may call upon during our times of need.

The support of the Federal Order of Police, North Central E.M.S., area businesses, and the individuals that volunteered their time to help make this event a success is appreciated. For those who participated I hope you had a good time and perhaps word will spread and this event will get even bigger next year.

Joe Leroux

New London

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