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Former abandoned baby continues search

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:50 PM

Eight years of newspaper articles, television coverage and a thorough searching for her biological parents, and Joy Lynch still is at square one.

Abandoned as a baby on Oct. 19, 1968, Lynch was found on the steps of a church in Collins. "I think that means she cared what happened to me," Lynch said.

Lynch has always known she was adopted ever since she was old enough to understand, but it wasn't until she was 30 that she and her adoptive parents, Roger and Nancy Lynch, got the report from the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

When the court records were opened, what she discovered was a Reflector article from when she was found by Beulah Earnest. The files also contained information that two T-shirts, a dress shirt and an undershirt were found with her.

Every little bit of information counts, so Lynch has been searching since then to find out anything she can about her past. "I just feel like somebody, somewhere knows something and they just didn't come forward ... even if it's something that didn't think was important at the time," Lynch said, "It's just mainly finding somebody that has a piece to the puzzle that they probably don't even know they have."

So far, Lynch hasn't had much luck. She still has no idea who or where her biological parents are. She doesn't want them to be afraid to step up and say something. "I'm not looking for monetary gain," she said, and she's not angry, either. She just wants to fill in the blanks about her past and her family.

One rainbow during the storm was becoming reunited with Earnest's daughter, Barb Kramer, and her family during the filming of "Inside Edition." Though Lynch now lives in Nashville, she visits the Kramers whenever she is in Ohio. "I'm like part of their family," she said. The Kramers now also know her adoptive parents, which she said is a great comfort. "It gave them (the Kramers) a lot of closure because they'd visit me in foster care, but one day I was moved and they didn't even know it ... They had wanted to adopt me but the court wouldn't let them" Lynch said.

Now both of the families are very supportive of Lynch in her search, helping with countless articles and trying to just get the word out there and, hopefully, hear back from someone. You'd think to leave a baby would affect them ... and someone might notice," Lynch said.

She feels like everybody involved is getting older and she's running out of time, but she's not giving up. "Anybody with any information, please come forward," she said. "Even if you don't think it's important."

If you have any information, call Nancy Lynch at work (419) 933-2711, Joy Lynch at (615) 428-6250, or e-mail varmitsitter@yahoo.com.

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