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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:44 PM

Monroeville FFA

MONROEVILLE On May 3, the Monroeville FFA left with six lucky students on their way to state convention. The group consisted of Amy Higgins, Bree Niedermeier, Olivia Gates, Alyssa Herber, Ashley Ward, and Steve Heyman.

State convention was held in Columbus at the state fairgrounds. Amy Higgins, who was the 2006-2007 Secretary for the Monroeville FFA, received her gold rating award on her secretary's book.

"I was so excited, I got to walk across the big stage, I was nervous about falling though."

Another award-winner was Bree Niedermeier who received her first-place award for state dairy handling. "It was great getting my award; it was like all my hard work finally paid off."

The members had a great time as they always do, Steve Heyman really enjoyed convention speaker, Mike Rayburn, who highlighted the convention entertainment. Most are looking forward to going back again next year. However, senior Amy Higgins was a little sad. "I've always had so much fun, and I'm definitely going to miss getting to go. I'm really glad that my last year was with such an awesome group of people, I'll never forget this year."

Airrin Perruchon, reporter

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