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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:50 PM

Monroeville FFA

On Jan. 6 members of the Monroeville FFA attended MFE in Columbus. The members who attended were Steve Heyman, Eric Ruffing, Eric Bischoff, Jackie Tallman, and Ashley Ward. Members are chosen to go to the conference for personal growth and t is engaing and meaningful for all FFA members. By going to MFE students will discover their own talents and describing how to utilize them. Students will set goals and identify choices needed to utilize available opportuinities within FFA, high school, careers, and other organizations. By going to this conference members will come back with knowledge on thier own talents and opportunities.

"Going to MFE was a blast and I feel I have learned so much about setting goals and learning my best talents. By going to MFE I feel I am bringing back information that will help my chapter," Ashley Ward said.

The Monroeville FFA will be having their annual banquet at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Shannon Kincaid, reporter


COLLINS Take those dancing shoes out of your closet and come join the Western Reserve FFA for a fun filled night at the third annual square dance from 7 to 10 p.m. April 20 at the Western Reserve Elementary cafeteria.

The night is a great time for people young and old as it will be full of swinging, line dancing, and laughter. The cost for the dance is $3 a person or $5 for a couple. Area known caller Dannie Beck will once again call the square dance. Free refreshments will be provided to all courteous of the FFA.

"It is a fun time to hang out with friends from my school and other schools while dancing. I hope a lot of people come once again this year," said junior Lilly Hansberger.

During the square dance, there will be a $1 cakewalk. The Western Reserve FFA is also sponsoring a raffle for various items. All money collected will go toward the Mike Fritz and Kenny Rogers Memorial Book Scholarships, which are awarded to two graduating FFA seniors.

Maria Zimmerman, reporter

New London FFA

NEW LONDON On March 10, the New London FFA went to Marysville for the Horse Judging CDE, which started at 6:45 a.m. and arrived back at the school at 5 p.m. New London FFA had six people attending, five FFA members and one eighth-grader, Richie Resor, Carl Resor, Brittany Covender, Sam Taylor, Katie Morris, and Bridget Kistler. Out of about 244 people Brittany Covender placed 58th, and Tim Sheppard placed 59th, Sam Taylor placed 83rd, Katie Morris placed 93rd, Bridget Kistler placed 203rd and Carl Resor placed 209th. Overall the horse judging team placed 15th out of 72 teams.

The livestock judging team also went to Marysville with the horse judging team. On the livestock judging team there were 3 FFA members that attended, Chris Cook, Ryan Carey and Huston Edwards.

Chris Cook got first place on the team with a score of 99, Huston Edwards was second place on the team with a score of 322, and Ryan Carey placed third with a score of 338.

South Central FFA

GREENWICH On Feb. 23, the South Central FFA floriculture team traveled to Kingwood Center to participate in the district floriculture contest. The members were tested on floriculture knowledge, equipment, plant common and scientific names and creating corsages. The team consisted of Olivia Miller, Megan Oney, Bethany Cox, and Michael Lucal. They placed fifth and will participate in the state contest on April 20.

Meanwhile, on Feb. 28, Frank Gannett, Kenneth Clagett and Robert Gannett participated in district public speaking contest, which took place at Mapleton High School. All three participants made it through the sub-district elimination round competing against students from seven other schools to move on by placing in the top three.

Frank Gannett competed in extemporaneous public speaking where he was given a topic and 30 minutes later he had to give a speech on his topic. Frank placed fifth and received a silver rating

Kenneth Clagett competed in the beginning prepared public speaking contest where he gave a speech on biotechnology. Kenneth placed seventh and received a silver rating.

Robert Gannett competed in the Creed speaking contest where he had to recite the FFA Creed from memory and answer questions on it. Robert placed sixth and received a gold rating.

Joe Pennell, reporter

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