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EHOVE cooks serious about food

Scott Seitz • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:56 AM

EHOVE Career Center seniors Peter Fisher and Matt Price are quite serious when it comes to cooking.

Fisher, whose home school is St. Paul, and Price, whose home is school is Norwalk, are both involved in EHOVE's culinary program with Chef Michael Edwards.

The featured recipe the pair selected to share with readers was "Cool Summer Melody." The duo hopes to enter this recipe into a Pro Start cooking competition.

"I think this will make a good competition dish," Fisher said.

Each student expanded on this dish, which consists of crab, tomatoes, lime juice, honey and coconut milk to name a few of the ingredients.

"We had the chance to work with a chef from the Cleveland area at the Culinary Vegetable Institute," Fisher said. "And we thought this was a good recipe."

Price added that meeting with chef's from Chef's Garden in Cleveland and chefs from the CVI helped in making this dish the featured recipe.

Why would someone else want to make it?

"Because it's healthy and colorful," Fisher said.

When each talked about comfort, foods came to mind.

"I like steak, hamburgers and ice cream," Fisher said.

"Chinese food (chicken teriyaki), seafood dishes and ice cream," Price said are his comfort foods.

Each knew the meals they cook most often and each student had advice for other cooks.

"I make grilled steak, grilled hamburgers, grilled salmon and spaghetti," Fisher said.

"Ramen noodle soup," Price said was the meal he cooks most often.

"Cook what you like," is Fisher's advice for other cooks.

"Pay attention to your recipe and follow steps accordingly," Price added.

Each also knew what the best and worst dishes they ever made were.

"Steak," Fisher said was his best.

"Honey roasted chicken," Price said was his.

"Pork burgers that were over-seasoned," Fisher added about his worst.

"Burnt cookies," Price added.

Both students contribute to potlucks, too.

"Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies," Fisher said is his potluck specialty.

"Strawberry shortcake," Price said.

Fisher said he wants to attend The Connecticut Culinary Arts Institute after graduation or the Culinary Chicago Arts Institute.. Price wants to attend the Connecticut school.

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