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Crews work around the clock to battle snow

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:03 PM

"It's winter in Ohio. The battle will continue until spring."

That's the assessment of Carl Essex, of the Huron County Engineer's office, on plowing snow.

Essex said county crews started working around the clock on Saturday.

"The drifting throughout the weekend has made the effort, at times, not nearly as successful as what we wish," Essex said.

Dick Moore, superintendent of Norwalk's street and sewer department, said his crews were continuing to clear city streets.

"We've done the best we could with the past two days and we're still cleaning up this morning," Moore said. "There's a limited amount of people."

He said traffic packed down the snow on some side streets before snow plows could make a pass, which makes it more difficult for his crews.

Moore said it takes about 12 hours for crews to plow all city streets. The 70 miles of city streets adds up to 140 plowing miles because plows have to go down each side of the streets. Three lane streets add to that figure.

Norwalk has six big plows and two small plows, Moore said. He puts drivers on 12-hour shifts.

Moore said drivers are careful about how much salt they put down on their runs.

"If you put down too much salt, you're just plowing down the salt," he said.

He added his workers know they still have to complete a task that was interrupted by the snow leaf pickup.

"We will return to the leaf pickup weather permitting," he said. "Hopefully, we'll get them before spring."

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