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Blast from the past

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:02 PM

Nov. 30, 1924

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on this date 83 years ago:

Community Chest full and overflowing

Norwalk’s cyclone campaign to raise a community chest fund has succeeded beyond expectation of the most hopeful workers.

It is announced today that about $18,200 has been raised. The total may reach or exceed $19,000.

Ringing bells and sounding whistles proclaimed to the public that the great drive had been a success. A wave of elation swept over the city when it was realized the goal had been reached.

“The campaign marked a willingness to give never before observed by me in other drives,” said C.C. Patterson, chairman of the campaign committee today. “We have had persons insist that their subscriptions be received after we had gone over the top. Today we are making a record of those who gave and those who refused for use in future campaigns. We received the heartiest cooperation from churches and other organization. Only two persons refused to do campaign leadership work and these two had good excuses.”

Mrs. Oney and children leave for Kentucky

Mrs. Allen Oney and her two daughters, aged about ten and 14, have returned to Kentucky. The father, who is drawing a blind pension from Huron County, says he will remain.

For some time, the Oneys have lived on the Sutton Farm about a mile south of  Greenwich Center.

The family became generally known recently when the 17-year-old son Zeck Oney, killed William Sutton, a farmer, with an axe after the two had engaged in an argument over a trivial matter. Young Oney is in jail awaiting action on the grand jury.

Norwalk to have strong cage team

Norwalk will be represented this season by a bang up good city basketball team. The following players have been signed: Van Nest, Etoll, Kavanaugh and Seibel, all of Norwalk; Swick of Kipton, Knight of Oberlin and Miller of Sandusky.

The material indicates that a fine team will be formed. An effort is to be made to obtain backing on the part of some public spirited organization. A moderate fund is needed for athletic supplies. A game may be played within about two weeks.

Basketball outlook reported gloomy

With Jimmy Smith and Brown left from the 1924 Norwalk High School team, Coach Lloyd Van Nest faces rather poor prospects this season, it is stated. Whether the dark horse material will furnish real varsity timber is to be seen. The squad has worked out a number of times. Westrick C. Smith and Fromer of last year’s team lost thru graduation will be missed not a little.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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