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BREAKING NEWS - Alcohol in the park measure fails

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:50 PM

        Norwalk City Council voted four to two to deny a resolution to allow alcohol in city parks so Berry's could sell drinks in Bresson Park.

        Steve Euton, council president, indicated the matter was settled. "There are no further items on the council agenda or in committee," he said after the meeting Tuesday night. Council members Robert Carleton and Dwight Tkach voted for the proposal, while Chris Mushett, Tera Thornhill, Shane Penrose and Skip Wilde voted against the measure. Tom Stoll was excused from the meeting.

    But Doug Berry, owner of Berry's, said later he will consider alternatives. "You pretty much only get one shot to do the same thing in the same form and that would be hopeless. But we're not going to give up," he said while eating later at his restaurant.

    "There are a whole bunch of ways to do this," he said. Had the measure passed, "tonight we'd be packed," he said, speaking of the mild weather and empty outside seating.

    "The hang-up is on city property," he added. "The restaurant business is extremely difficult. We'd like to keep it in town."

    Opposition to the proposal from residents was strong.  Ashford Mullins, of Main Street, spoke at the council meeting to oppose any form of alcohol served in a public area.  "It's bad enough on the inside and it's worse on the outside," he said.  A resident since 1948, Mullins said he opposed alcohol served on public property in any form.

    Mike Babcock, of Linwood Street, didn't give his personal views on the issue, but asked council members to follow the will of the majority's will. "Remember the oath of office you took when you were elected, to benefit the majority of the people," Babcock said.

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