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BLAST FROM THE PAST Truckers need work on pass defense

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

SEPT. 4, 1960

The top stories in the Reflector-Herald on this date 47 years ago:

Nanmen need much

work on pass defense

After three scrimmage sessions, Coach Sam Nan of the Norwalk High Trucker football squad is still taking somewhat of a mysterious point of view toward his squad.

Following the workout against Western Reserve last week in which Truckers outscored their opponents, Nan stated at a lot of work is still needed, but after the next scrimmage against tough Mansfield High when the locals scored another win, he believed the Big Blue was starting to fashion into the team that he knew was possible.

Wednesday, however, the Truckers took on Fremont St. Joe and the outcome was completely different as the Nanmen bowed to the visitors five touchdowns to one. After the practice, Nan commented that the Truckers seemed to let down after Fremont intercepted a screen pass and went for a touchdown to tie the game.

The Truckers will undoubtedly have the biggest line in the Northern Ohio League as it averages near the 200 pound mark and all but one player on the entire first team is a letterman.

The first team consists of ends Dave Culver (195) and Dallas Newtown (210); tackles Dave Lowe (207), and Jim Smith (206); guards Ron Craven (175) and Bill Reagan (140) and center Tom Smith (220).

In the backfield the Nanmen will have Alex Koslow (160) at quarterback. The halfbacks will be Steve Schilling (155) and Bill Gelvin (158), while the fullback will be big John Levers (185).

Paris claims Saints

have poor attitude

Coach Tony Paris of the St. Paul Flyers is being forced to rely on rookies in early practice sessions due mainly to injuries and in some cases the inability of veterans to forget some of their outside interests and think football.

Paris stated that all of his boys have the fortitude to play ball but as yet some of them have not settled down and sacrificed their extracurricular activities, which they had during the off season. Consequently, he is trying to groom some green players into a starting assignment unless a few of the lettermen start trying harder.

Paris stated that four players have looked exceptionally good so far in scrimmages, especially sophomore guard Jack Rospert. He said that many opponents will have a fifth back in their backfield nearly all the time when Rospert is in the lineup. He looked good in the scrimmage against Western Reserve in which the Saints lost 1-0.

Jerry Rospert also ran very well in practice although he weighs just 143 pounds. He is exceptionally shifty. Tom Seitz and Dick Heydiner were also praised for their hard work.

Mrs. Angell, Mrs. Gerken

top Elks' lady golfers

Pictured in the paper were Mrs. Heaston, Mrs. Angell, Mrs. Gerken and Mrs. Higgins, finalists in the Elks' Ladies Golf Championship playoffs. Mrs. Angell was Flight A winner over Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Gerken was Flight B winner, defeating Mrs. Heaston.

Heyl defeats Peckham in finals at Elks' Country Club

A terrific closing surge by Charles Peckham Jr. fell short yesterday afternoon at the Elks County Club as youthful Chip Heyl won the coveted Elks Country Club Championship 2-1 after a grueling 35-hole battle.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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