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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Norwalk gets a boost

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

JULY 13, 1913

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on this date 94 years ago:

Norwalk to be boosted in a state-wide ad

An early issue of the Ohio Journal of Commerce will have a big full front page advertisement devoted to Norwalk.

It has been contracted for by the chamber of commerce and is a big boost for Norwalk as a place to live and place in which to do business. The copy has been attractively written, and as the Ohio Journal of Commerce circulates among the big business men of the state in all the large cities and practically every town, it will have a far-reaching effect.

The latent hope is that it will not only bring new residents to Norwalk, but will attract men who want to put up factories where they can be cheaply operated, with the excellent fuel conditions, choice labor and a guarantee of no floods coming along to wipe out the work of a lifetime.

E.L. Miller, business manager, was in the city yesterday and will have a story of Norwalk in the next issue.

Sheriff back from Arkansas

Sheriff Trimner arrived home from Jonesboro, Ark. Last evening at 7 o'clock, where he went to take into custody a man supposed to be Ezra Moore, who murdered Constable William Smith near Plymouth, November 27, 1899.

The sheriff, who had a passing acquaintance with Moore, says it only required one look at the man under arrest to satisfy him that the wrong man was under arrest. Aaron King, an old neighbor of Moore's, accompanied the sheriff to Jonesboro for the purpose of identifying the man. At the first glance at the man under arrest, King shook his head.

The deputy sheriff, who was responsible for the arrest, is something of a detective and has been watching the man for a long time. The deputy first learned that Moore was wanted for murder through a detective publication.

Since returning home Sheriff Trimner says he has heard that the son-in-law of Moore, living in Chicago Junction, made the remark that if he went to the right spot in Arkansas, he would find Moore. The sheriff is of the opinion since his return from Arkansas that if Moore is living in the wilds of that state he is getting punishment next to solitary confinement.

Young Gay was prodigy

Geo. M. Gay, the lad who was swept out to sea at New York the other day in a dirigible and rescued after a hazardous series of attempts, and who was noted to have been a Norwalk boy, has friends here who recollect him as a most remarkable youth.

The lad was placed in the children's home on Benedict Avenue some 20 years ago, the mother having died when he was a small infant. He grew up to childhood there and was the prodigy of the county for a time. The little fellow when he was only three years old could repeat the names of the books of the Bible, New Testament as well as Old, straight through without a skip, from Genesis to Revelation.

The boy grew into young manhood here and later worked in some of the factories and then drifted away and no one had heard of him for several years till the New York dispatch which appeared in the Reflector-Herald. He was a precocious youngster and appears to be able to either make a name for himself or break his neck.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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