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BLAST FROM THE PAST McCoy recommended for Fed job

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:49 PM

MARCH 10, 1933

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 74 years ago:

Monroeville man

endorsed for federal job

Nate McCoy of Monroeville has been recommended for the position of superintendent of the federal reformatory at Chillicothe, by a delegation of Ohio Congressmen headed by Representative Martin L. Sweeney of Cleveland. This endorsement and that of others was submitted today to Postmaster General Farley, distributor of federal patronage.

Elect Roberts

exalted rule of Elks' Lodge

The following officers were elected by Norwalk Elks last night:

Exalted Ruler - G.T. Roberts

Leading Knight - W. Battle

Lecturing Knight - V. Brouhard

Loyal Knight - F. McDonald

Secretary - M.A. Justice

Treasurer - W.C. Pratt

Trustee - W.H. Price

Tyler F. Suppes

J.N. Orebaugh and G.T. Roberts were named representatives of the grand lodge.

P.E. Weidemaier joins

old guard of Prudential Co.

P.E. Weidemaier of Norwalk, assistant superintendent of the Prudential Insurance Co. in this district, has become entitled to membership in what is known as Class D of the Presidential Old Guard, through his 20 years of continuous service completed today. William A. Perry, manager of Division F. of the company has sent Mr. Weidemaier a letter of congratulation.

Mr. Weidemair ranks as one of the most popular and efficient agents of the company in the state.

County banks await orders

Local banks, like all others, are operating today under the extended national holiday restrictions. They are keeping closely in touch with new developments and new rulings in order that no time may be lost in taking advantage of the first opportunity to resume regular service.

Since the holiday went into effect there has been a continuous flow of instructions and rulings form state and national authorities. Among the various points yet to be clarified is the question of payrolls under the present operating instructions. From Washington it was announced that payrolls could be released this week, however, there seems to be some question as to whether or how this is allowable and probably no action can be taken until a definite ruling can be obtained.

Stacey starts court

action to regain dog

Jamces C. Stacey of Norwalk has begun replevin action in municipal court at Sandusky to regain possession of Lobo, a police dog, from Mrs. Ada Snyder of 808 W. Washington St.

Mr. Stacey's fine German police dog was stolen about a year ago and every possible information that might lead to its location was carefully used. Norwalk people, who had occasion to go to Kentucky went out of their way several months ago to check up on a stray police dog that had been harbored by a physician. This did not prove to be the dog. Several other unsuccessful trips were made by Mr. Stacey without success. Through a tip given by a Norwalk man, Mr. Stacey found that the Sandusky woman had a dog that resembled Lobo. When Stacey saw the dog, it revealed much joy and displayed the usual leaping and tail wagging action of a dog that is confronted by his master.

Mrs. Snyder has contended that the dog is legally hers as she took it from the dog pound and purchased a tag for it. Arnold Whetstone, dog warden, said he kept it beyond the time when the law requires that animals be killed and found a home for it.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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