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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Kiwanis elect Fader as leader

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:00 PM

NOV. 7, 1929

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 78 years ago:

Fader heads Kiwanis Club

Winding up one of the most successful years in its history under the leadership of Chas. Hill, the Kiwanis Club with an unusually large attendance present at today's meeting elected R.E. Fader president and Dr. W.W. Lawrence, vice president, for the ensuing year. Charles H. Hill was elected trustee and H.S. Bowen, secretary.

The following board of directors was elected: D.W. Stoup, R.R. Robertson, G.A. Hankins, J.A. Eisher, J.N. Orebaugh, H.J. Davis, H.A. Wilson and P.H. Fulstow.

"Pencil" found in car, proves shooting iron

On Wednesday afternoon, Elmer Dineen, a mechanic of the Ford garage, found what appeared to be a fountain pen in an automobile that had been brought to the garage for repairs by an Illinois man said to be a resident of Chicago. The instrument appeared to be a queer make and Dineen started to examine it. While the affair was close to the mechanic's face it went off with a loud report and filled Dineen's face, nostrils and eyes with fire, powder and smoke.

A physician was called and dressed the wounds. While some of the burned powder entered Dineen's eyes and while the interior of his nose was burned, the injuries probably will not result seriously, the doctor believes. The patient was taken to his home. It is said many Chicago citizens carry weapons of that kind because of the practice of bandits of that city who steal cars or robe the occupants when stops are made for red lights.

To get serum for prevention of diphtheria

Dr. C.L. Bell, city health commissioner, who has been authorized by the city health board to furnish diphtheria serum free to physicians, says the following of the question:

"If by God's pleasure through his laws of reproduction, you have been blessed with one or more children, it is your first and paramount duty to preserve and protect them from all infectious and contagious diseases. In so far as it is in your power to do so. The state board of health has and is urging immunization against diphtheria and where their plan has been carried out it has proved very successful."

Line-up for Friday's game is given out

The probable line-up that Coach Seibel will use in the St. Paul's-Norwalk reserve game follows: McGuckin, C; Shadle, FB; Wilson, QB; Morehouse, HB; Atyco, HB; Schneer, RE; Merill, LT; Jameson, RE; Kugal, RG; Hamson, LG; Bishman, Bell, RE.

This team has shown up well in practice and will give the Saints plenty of trouble. Wilson is one of the fast men that will need watching as he is of the Whittaker type on sneaking through the line for long gains and can run back punts very cleverly. Shadle is a heavy fullback that can stop many plays through the center of the line when it is necessary.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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