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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Girl falls off train

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:56 AM

OCT. 1, 1902

The top stories in The Evening Herald on this date 105 years ago:

Jumped too soon

Miss Ella Hoag, a sixteen-year-old girl living four miles south east of Greenwich, stepped off a fast moving Big Four train at Greenwich, Saturday night, and sustained injuries which may prove fatal. She is now lying very low at her home near Greenwich and several physicians are doing all in their power to save her life, but their efforts, it is feared, will be in vain.

Miss Hoag, although grown to womanhood, before the day of the accident had never been on a railroad train. She had watched the cars go by from a buggy on numerous occasions at the cross roads and dreamed of the day when she might travel that way the same as other people. The time came Saturday. With an elder sister she went to Cleveland, returning home at night. When the brakeman called "Greenwich," unused to the ways of the railroad, she started for the door. The train was slackening in speed for a target and the sister thought nothing of her sister's haste, beyond her preparing herself for leaving the train.

When the young girl reached the platform she continued her efforts to leave the train and without the least fear stepped off into the darkness. She struck the roadbed and then plunged with terrific force, down a thirty-five foot embankment, striking against a fence.

Milton Laylin dead

Milton Laylin, one of Norwalk's oldest in habitants died this morning at 10:10 o'clock at his home, No. 68 Milan Street, after a lingering illness.

Mr. Laylin was 78 years old last March and has spent practically all of his life in this city and vicinity. He leaves a wife and one son, Geo. Laylin.

New enterprise

Jake Krieger has moved what remains of his stock of groceries into the basement of the Stewart block on Seminary Street and is fitting up the ground floor room for an office and sample room.

He will conduct a general brokerage business, handling by sample the product of several large manufacturers and jobbers. He will not handle the goods as a wholesaler but will solicit and fill orders from the factory.

Back home

Daniel Campbell, husband of the woman who went suddenly and violently insane on a Nickel Plate train last Friday, arrived in the city yesterday and was recognized by his wife who had recovered almost wholly her mental powers. It is needless to say the poor woman and children were overjoyed to see the husband and father.

The trip to Scotland was abandoned and the family left this noon on the electric car for Bellevue where they took the Nickel Plate train for home in Wyoming.

Met on bridge

The L.S. electric car due in Norwalk at 3 o'clock met the C.E. & W. east bound car on the East Main Street bridge and a dispute ensued concerning the right of way.

Neither crew would back up and some of the passengers got off and walked into town.

About twenty minutes later the C.E. & W. car backed down to the Y and there the trouble ended.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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