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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Drunk driver hits Interurban

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:55 PM

SEPT. 16, 1921

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald 86 years ago:

Drives auto into Interurban while drunk

Harvey Crist, with a generous quantity of whisky mixed with his gasoline, hit an electric package car head on Friday evening about 9 o'clock on West Main Street near Pleasant.

He was driving without any lights and his car straddling the track. The electric package car, in charge of Motorman Charles Hanville, had just rounded the Pleasant St. bend and was moving slowly or Crist might have fared worse. As it was, the front ax of his car was bent, one wheel demolished and the radiator badly damaged. Another man with him at the time of the accident, whom he said was Alf Brown of West Main St., and afterward said was Ginger Smith, leaped from the car as the two collided and "beat it."

Crist was arrested and taken to the station. The penalty fro driving an automobile while intoxicated is severe as is also that for driving without lights. He was so maudlin drunk when he picked himself up that it was sometime before any articulate statement could be secured from him. The motormen found a broken quart bottle on the seat of the truck still containing a strong smell of whisky like booze.

F-R-X Company is boosted in magazine

In the current edition of Popular Mechanics is a full page illustrated article on the F.R.X. fire extinguisher made in Norwalk. M.L. Dunbar, manager of the local plant, is showing making a demonstration. Three scenes are depicted. The illustrations are excellent and will give the general reading public throughout the United States and the world for that matter a knowledge of what the F.R. X. can do. This publicity is indeed a high tribute to the Norwalk company.

Chas. Seese loses fingers at factory

Charles Seese, while employed at the A.B. Chase factory, met with a distressing accident on Friday afternoon. His right hand became caught in a joiner and three fingers were severed. He was taken to a physicians office after which he was removed to Memorial Hospital in Laible and Brady's ambulance.

Religious chance in industry will be subject of sermon

Sunday morning Sept. 18, the men's class of the Presbyterian Church will be addressed by the pastor on the subject, "The Great opportunity for Religion in Industry." The dangers of socialism will be shown by the speaker to which First 00 Socialism directs people's minds from the production of wealth to the division of wealth; Second Socialism sets class against class; Third Directs the thought of the people to the symptoms of the disease instead of the cause; Fourth Lives to set aside the laws of supply and demand; Fifth Gives a wrong reason for government ownership; Sixth Sets aside the only known reason for selecting the fittest; Seventh Discourages thrift; Eighth Stands for pig trough philosophy rather than the work bench philosophy; Ninth Talks of the rights of the people rather than their duties.

R.F. Gurney is champion shoe pitcher

R.F. Gurney of Willard won the Huron County Horse Shoe Pitching Championship at Willard this week by a big lead. He won the championship of Willard last week.

The following are Monday's scores:

R.F. Gurney, 189; opponent, 78

Charles Willoughby, 171, opponent, 134

Leonard Wise, 171; opponent, 137

Ed Shook, 163; opponent, 137

Bert Steele, 150; opponent, 159

R.B. Stinger, 141; opponent, 162

Stacy Brown, 13; opponent, 156

Fred Von Lieu, 135; opponent, 176

H. Sleaman, 129; opponent, 175

Ed Carpenter, 117; opponent, 182

When tied for second place, Wise and Willoughby pitched another game, the latter winning.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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