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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:50 PM

Ridgefield Country Kids

The fourth club meeting was held recently at the First United Methodist Church in Norwalk.

The group decided to set dues at $2 per member and to donate $ 5 per member to the extension office. Club members voted to sell candy bars for a fundraiser. The club will be raising money for Easter Seals on April 28 at an area business.

Sydney Kramer gave a demonstration about her dog. The next meeting will also be held at the same church. Emily McKillips and Amelia Ruggles will give demonstrations.

Members of club recently honored county officials for their support to the Huron County 4-H program. The club helped to support and promote Ohio 4-H Week.

Club members met with county commissioners- county auditor, county recorder, prosecuting attorney and protem treasurer while presenting them with 4-H cupcakes. The County Commissioners were also presented a certificate for their support to the 4-H program in the county via the Huron County Extension office.

The club members also passed out pamphlets to several area schools third-graders to promote the 4-H program and spark more interest to others. They also put an outdoor display unit up in the area.

Makayla Roth, reporter

Hartland Scramblers

The third meeting of this club took place at St. Peter Lutheran Church March 11. There were six guests present and two advisors. The secretary's minutes was read and approved. The treasurer's report were read and approved. In old business the club had contacted Pat Coy about possible community service projects. Members had posted signs in school, wore their 4-H shirts to school, and displayed their club banner at Sheri's Coffee House to promote 4-H week.

In new business, members discussed possible donations. Each member is to bring a dish towel to the next 4-H meeting to give to the kitchen at Camp Conger.

The club held election of officers. The following members were elected: President, Brad Beck; vice president, John Sherman; secretary, Macie Ott; treasurer, Hayley Beck; news reporter, Lily Hansberger; health officers, Caleigh and Lauren Ott; safety officers, Ryan Beck and Zane Liles; recreation leaders, Brandon and Megan Miller; flag bearers, Kristina Kluding and Kasey Kramer.

Also chosen were Chairpersons for the following committees: T-Shirt Committee, Lilly Hansberger; Community Service Committee, Caleigh Ott; Fund Raiser Committee, Hayley Beck.

The next meeting will be at 6 p.m. Monday for officer induction. Parents and guests are invited for the ceremony. Members were asked to sign up for snacks for the upcoming ceremony. With no further business, the club adjourned. Snacks were served by the Ott Family and Ryan Beck gave a demonstration on the parts of a tractor.

Country Kids

The group held its second meeting of the year at officer Tami Kamann's house on Feb. 26 and the 2007 officers were elected.

Officers for the 2007 year will be as follows: Cheyenne Shank, president; Troyal Firestone, vice president; Tesse Shank, secretary; Olivia Doughty, treasurer; Morgan Barman, news reporter; Ian McCully, safety; Kristen Finch, health; Alex Kamann, recreation leader and McKenna Cleary was elected as the recycling leader.

Michael Rockford did his demonstration on keeping goats warm through the winter using straw and making sure all windows and doors are kept shut. Cheyenne Shank also did her demonstration on chickens and how they are demonstrated at fair.

The next meeting will be Monday at Olivia and Megan Doughty's house.

Morgan Barman, reporter

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