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4-H News

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:50 PM

Hartland Progressive Farmers

The seventh meeting was held July 10 at Brennan and Curtis Saunders' house.

The club had five demonstrations and the first demonstration was Nick Doughty and he did his on how to latch hook. The next demonstration was Matt Doughty and he did his on how to take care of a fish tank. Then the next demonstration was Curtis Saunders, which he did his on the pecking order on the horses and he did his health demonstration on the health of the horses. The last demonstration was Brennan Saunders and he did his demonstration on how to clean hooves.

Brennan Saunders, reporter

Hartland Scramblers

The ninth meeting was held at St. Peter Lutheran Church July 11.

The meeting was called to order by Brad Beck, president. Pledges were led by Caleigh Ott and Deanna Bradt. Twenty-one members answered the roll call question "What are you looking forward to at fair?" Five guests were introduced and four advisors were present. Secretary Macie Ott read the minutes from May 21. A thank you was read from the extension agent for a donation to camp. Macie read a thank you written to Weber Farms for their donations of animals. They will be put by the barns during fair. With no changes the minutes were approved by Caleigh Ott and seconded by John Sherman.

Vice president John Sherman read the treasurer's report. The beginning balance for the club is $548.48, with no business since the last meeting, the balance remained the same. The treasurer's report was approved by Carl Smith, and seconded by Marissa Allen. Brad Beck asked for a motion to pay for the trophies sponsored from the club for fair. The motion was made by Ashleigh Lewis and seconded by Carl Smith.

Becky Beck spoke about the change in this year's fundraiser. The church was booked for the pancake breakfast, so the club will hold a car wash Aug. 4 at Apples grocery store from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Members were asked to post the sign's made to advertise the car wash. Each member should bring a sponge, soap, towels, and bucket.

The T-shirt money was collected.

In community service news, Caleigh Ott, chairman, spoke about painting at the fairgrounds and the recent trash pickup. John Sherman asked the club if they would be interested in using old benches he had, buy new wood, and place them at the fairgrounds. The club voted to spend about $50 for the wood and stain. John will check on the plaques that they used the last time for the name. He will gather the supplies and have at the next meeting, Aug. 8, and members will work on them at that time. The motion was made by Kristina Kluding and seconded by Brandon Miller.

Advisers worked with each member on completing fair cards to be turned in July 23. Each member was asked about their progress on their projects and the completion requirements of their projects. Each member was given a fair book and information from the extension office.

The club's guest speaker was Kathy Olak. She spoke about her 4-H opportunities when she was a 4-H member. She had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. She challenged members to use 4-H for more than a project during the fair. She encouraged members to look beyond their projects and open as many doors as possible through 4-H.

With no further business, Deanna Bradt moved to adjourn the meeting, with Kasey Kramer seconding it. Snack was provided by Kasey and Deanna. The club listened to the following demonstrations: Audra Edwards, feeding and taking care of turkeys; Huston Edwards, showing turkeys; Kasey Kramer, photography; Deanna Bradt shared one of her experiments on stains for her laundry project; and Brad Beck did his demonstration on soil types. The club finished the meeting with recreation, a game of Jackpot.

Macie Ott, secretary

Berlin Busy Bees

We had a car wash on July 6 and it went well. We are running the pie eating contest and royal flush at the Firemen's Festival.

The fair decoration committee is getting pirate decorations for the fair. August 6 from 5 to 9 p.m. is animal check-in.

The Health report was done on AIDS. And the safety report was done on Coke Cola.

Riley Cullen

Monroeville Fortune Finders

The club held their last meeting at Valley Beach on July 10. Families were invited to attend and enjoy the facilities. Everyone brought a favorite dish for a potluck. Anyone who wasn't eating or swimming was busy filling out fair entry cards. Project books were graded and final requirements were checked for all projects.

Demonstrations were given by Jaris and Sam Morrison on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Brandon and Allison Seifker on the parts of a chicken, Sarah Sparks showed how to make designer flip flops and Sam Schwab and Jake Leibold entertained members with the proper way to swordfight.

Town and Country

The club completed their community service project by cleaning all the benches at the Huron County Fair. Following the cleaning the club held a meeting.

The club members had decided to participate in a game, ring toss, at the North Fairfield Peach Festival. Members will also be donating trophy money for the fair and donating money to the Fairfield buyers group.

Evan Walcher gave the safety program by watching a movie on farm safety. Demonstrations were given by Robert Gannet on how to successfully get a chicken to fair and win, Zeb Burton on circuit boards, and Lucas and Logan Palm on first aid. The club then had pizza and pop for refreshments.

The next meeting will be held at Scott and Jared Chandlers on Aug. 6.

Samantha Sweeting, reporter

Wakeman Wizards

The club met June 17 at the Braker-Dalton home.

Advisers announced that all left-over baked goods from the flower/bake sale were given to the Wakeman Fire Department, police station, and to the EMS.

Club members agreed that the funniest thing that was found during the trash pick-up was a baby doll head. Members were reminded that 4-H Cedar Point Day was June 29.

The club also had its first round of demonstrations. Colton Braker demonstrated how to tattoo a goat and Boen Dalton showed how to tag a goat. Millie Dalton demonstrated how to make s'mores. Clay Robson showed different things to do with pictures. Mitch Robson showed how a RC car works. Andrea Robson showed how to make bead art. Morgan Muschitz made banana splits for the club. Shannon Erskine made cheezy bread rolls. Club members enjoyed playing kick ball and making s'mores.

Clay Robson, reporter

Country Kids

The group met June 29 and 30 at the Huron County Fairgrounds where members completed their community project by scraping and painting the ticket booths.

Kristen Finch did a presentation on sewing and some different kinds of stitches and also how to sew on a button.

The group also enjoyed pizza after their hard work.

There was also a meeting on July 16 at Tami Kamann's house where members filled out their fair cards and also decided on which T-Shirt they wanted for fair. Recreation was a football game.

The next meeting is Aug. 2 at the Courtez's house. Project books need to be brought to this meeting to double check they are completed.

Morgan Barman, reporter

Northside Country Kids

The Northside Country Kids 4-H Club met on Sunday, July 15 at Haas Photography, U.S. 250, Norwalk. Duane Haas provided a tour of the studio and demonstrated indoor lighting and use of the digital camera in professional portraits. Members also enjoyed the landscaping and water features.

Members completed fair cards and received fair books and judging schedules. Kammi Little, Chelsea Gregory and Mallorie Gregory presented a demonstration on raising and showing fancy poultry with a Black Silky bird. Due to lack of interest, the club will not be ordering T-shirts.

The club's next meeting will be at 6 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 5 in the small hall at St. Alphonsus Church. Any members who have not yet done a demonstration need to present their demonstration at that time. The annual potluck will be held on Aug. 10 at the fairgrounds.

4-Leaf Clovers

The 4-Leaf Clovers 4-H Club met on July 17 at St. Alphonsus Hall at 7 p.m. Roll call was "What is your favorite 4-H project?" Officer reports were given by Lauren Brown, Nick Nay, Alexis Borgerding, Samantha Cherney, and Andy Pylant. Lauren read off the minutes from the last meeting. Nick read off the calendar of upcoming events. Alexis gave a safety tip that if there is a "Beware of Dog" sign posted then it probably is there for a reason.

Samantha gave a recycling tip and Andy gave a news report. For unfinished business, there was a report on who went to Monsoon Lagoon and what they liked about it. For new business, members filled out their fair cards. Demonstrations were given by John Burrow, Jenny Cherry, Erin Brown, Shelby Timman, and Nate Griffith. John gave a demonstration on furniture recycling and refinishing. Jenny gave a demonstration on vegetable gardening.

Erin gave a demonstration on woodworking. Shelby gave a demonstration on sheep. Nate gave a demonstration on electricity. Refreshments were provided by the Lewis', and Shelby Timman. The next meeting will be at 7 p.m., Aug. 7 at St. Alphonsus Hall.

Andy Pylant, reporter

Huron County Clovers

The club met on July 11 at the St. Mary's campus. Pledges were said and roll call was answered to by stating the best thing about this summer. The clubs health officer, Alex Tokarsky brought in Judy Widman, a nurse from FTMC. She spoke to the group and also gave a demonstration on the heimlich maneuver. Demonstrations were then done by Corynne Smith on how to prepare your rabbits for the fair, Kevin Cannon on the correct way to cut wood, and Kendal Scheid on the different types of light bulbs. A committee was formed to prepare the clubs clothing booth at this years fair. Group members Kimberly Rospert, Erin Kramer, and Olivia Scheid were congratulated on winning the district health and safety speaking contest and advancing to the state fair competition. Fair cards were handed out and need to be returned at the next meeting. The next meeting will be from 1 to 2 p.m., July 15 at Sigsworth's house.

The clubs next meeting was on July 15 at the Sigsworth's house. Roll call was done by answering if you brought back your pizza order. Fair cards were collected. Demonstrations were done by Gerod Rospert on shearing seep, Alex and Eddie Simon on how to show and care for a turkey, Sheridan Conney on preparing your turkey for the fair, Devin Smith on preparing your sheep for the fair, and Zane Conney on his turkeys. Mr. Sigsworth had a safety demonstration on his police car and the duties of a police officer. Pizza orders are to be picked up between 5 and 6 p.m. on July 23. The next meeting will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. Aug. 1 at the St. Mary's campus.

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