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'Let our troops come home'

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:43 PM

Home for Mother's Day weekend, Josh Devaney has taken the opportunity to bring a message of peace to Norwalk.

Devaney, a native of Norwalk, and Elsa Mann, a friend from Columbus, protested the war in Iraq Saturday afternoon on the corner of Benedict and Main Street.

Devaney said he wanted to take advantage of his weekend at home to bring his message to the people of Norwalk because they are not exposed to as much media or similar demonstrations. Even if people here were, he said the national media is covering up the protests that are going on all over the world. He said he frequently protests the war in Columbus where he now lives.

Devaney said he's gotten "a bazillion honks," and a lot of thumbs-up.

While he doesn't have much hope that the politicians will do anything, Devaney, whose brother served in Iraq, said he hopes the people will. "This is democracy," he said, "talking to each other ... speaking out against what you don't like for what you do like."

When people see them, and see other people honking at them, he said, it lets them know that someone else feels the way they do.

Not everyone has been receptive. "You guys are really clueless," one passing motorist shouted. "Fight them there, so we don't have to fight them here."

Devaney and company have had at least one sign taken from them and broken. They have plenty of backups enough for quite a few people if anyone were to join them.

Asked what his mother, Lianne, thinks, Devaney said he hadn't told her yet, but that she'd be in favor of it. In fact, she'd probably be out there too.

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