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CHEAP COFFEE CLUB - A civics and sports recap with your morning coffee

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:46 PM

“Here we are, floating along in another new year, 2007. Anyone feel more secure than last year? We citizens must have sent a powerful message to our amateur Napoleon of Washington. He hardly noticed.

“King George is vowing to send even more troops to Iraq. So much for listening to the people, including folks in his own political party,” growled the historian. “And the newly installed party in power hasn’t helped much with controlling his behavior either.

The philosopher decided to shift the subject some. “I see our smiling, people-oriented mayor has thrown her chapeau into the community election ring. She seems ready for another round. By this time, with nearly four years on the job, she certainly knows a lot more about the office than she did when she announced for her first term. There is a lot to learn about mayoring.”

“Initially, you have to become acquainted with the O.R.C. That’s the Ohio Revised Code for you uninformed folks; state laws and regulations. She has a law director to help with those matters.”

“There are state examiners who come in to check the town financial transactions to help with conformity,” added McBeane, the accountant. “I always welcomed them because they clearly identify matters which require attention. You just follow their directions.”

“Codified city ordinances are together in a fairly large volume. These are a collection of laws, which the city council and our people have passed over the years. Now you see why we need a good law director who also deals with a number of criminal cases.”

CCC’s  thinker jumped in to comment. “Don’t forget the council folks who also feel responsibilities to their constituents and their community.”

Even the cynic had some notions. “Then you have a variety of community concerns to address; everything from cutting ribbons to cutting red tape for decisions affecting citizens’ welfare.

“There are a lot of employees. Some place themselves in harm’s way to protect everyone. Others keep things running, from water works to potholes to snow and ice.”

“Talking about pot holes made me recall the recent Fiesta Bowl. Our wonderful undefeated Big Ten Champs fell into a big one,” expounded Doberman with a slow shake of his head.

“I want to report that the Ohio State Marching Band remained UNDEFEATED!” reported the merchant in a loud voice. “But one wag sent me a fake photo of the OSU Band on the field, spelling out, not Ohio, but O-H-M-Y.”

“A friend of mine said he heard a report that if a Big Ten school plays in a western bowl game versus any university south of the Mason-Dixon Line or west of the Mississippi, a special group is mobilized. It is called the ‘Hospitality Committee,’” revealed another CCC.

“It is their duty to keep the Big Ten Folks so busy with things like trips to Disney, jet skiing and various parties, that when the time comes to go on the field they are worn down from being hospitalitized.

“Just a rumor I suspect.” 

“You were talking about matters in Washington. I would like to advise you that the United States Mint is preparing to distribute another quarter-sized dollar coin,” Doberman advised. “Our mint makes lots of money from collectors who buy them. But it costs me because I carelessly spend those dollar-sized coins as if they are quarters. I think average folks hate them. They are unwelcome additions to my pocket change because I have to mess with them so much. When all is said and done, a lot of them wind up in storage. But the DC geniuses, who seem to never talk to ordinary folks, go ahead with these dumb notions, which also include sending more troops to Iraq.”

As we move into this dangerous New Year, remember to keep one resolution. Continue or begin your daily prayer for our troops.

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