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'Fly high angel. Rest easy'

By Colleen Tinney • Nov 20, 2019 at 3:30 PM

Damian Gage Henning was grateful, helpful, kind, adventurous and just overall amazing.

“He was honestly probably the kindest and most caring that I have ever met,” says Sydney Buscher on Facebook. Brooke Perkins describes him as a quiet leader who led by great example and a good teammate. Even I (Colleen Tinney) made a post saying how I wish I could have thanked him for his kindness to me. There are many other posts and comments about Damian.

I would like to send lots of love and support toward Damian’s family. I wish this didn’t happen but it did. It’s so surreal that he’s actually gone. His mother, Bonnie Jackson, made a post on Facebook before he was found stating “I just want my baby to come home. I am not mad. I am scared. My heart is absolutely shattered.’ She continued to tell what happened and how long he had been missing. She continued by telling what he was wearing when he left and what he had on him. She ends the post by stating “I love him with all my heart. I just want him back. I will never yell again EVER! I promise that to GOD himself. Please someone find him for me.”

Damian was 17 years old. He went missing on Sunday, Nov. 10. Many people shared posts trying to get the word out to try to find him. But when they finally found him on Tuesday, Nov. 12, it was too late. They found him in the Toledo River under the Anthony Wayne Bridge.

In his obituary, Damian is described as a guy who “loved Cedar Point, pizza, gaming, playing the keyboard, and his ‘pink milk.”

He was proud of his car and it's sound system. He loved his sisters and helped in taking amazing care of them. He was the big brother. He loved his friends dearly and would do anything for them ... except wear jeans.”

On Friday, Nov. 15, many people wore yellow in honor of Damian. I am one of those people. I among many others adored Damian. He was very popular among his peers. I asked his mother what she would want said about him in this article and she said ”Damian varsity lettered in cross country and track. He did not do cross country this year. He did golf. He was on the honor roll. His dad passed away three years ago. He was a deep water lifeguard.

“A huge gamer. He loved his friends and family. He gave his sisters a ride to school every morning and signed them in to car rider care since I went to work so early. He would pick up his sister, Mikaylah, from practices for me. And I just loved him with all my heart. He went camping every summer with his cousins at his grandfather’s campsite. He was wonderful. 

“Damian was a great soul who will forever be missed. It feels so surreal that this is all happening. Fly high angel. Rest easy.”

Colleen Tinney was a friend of Damian. “He used to stand up for me against my bullies,” said Tinney, a Western Reserve and EHOVE sophomore who lives in Wakeman.

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