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Nov. leads to many deer-vehicles incidents

REFLECTOR STAFF • Nov 15, 2019 at 8:39 AM

Last year, there was a total of 18,200 deer-related crashed in Ohio. In November 2018 alone, 3,800 incidents occurred. November is the leading month for deer-vehicles crashes in Ohio and drivers should stay alert.

In Huron County, from 2015 through 2017, there were 785 total deer-related crashes, for an average of nearly 262 annually. 371 crashes occurred from November to December, making up nearly half of the total incidents.

Counties surrounding Huron County were marked as the top counties where incidents occurred last year. These counties include Stark (486), Trumbull (428), Richland (426), Hancock (424), Williams (413), Wood (412), Clermont (380), Defiance (369), Lorain (367), and Hamilton (366).

Huron County Public Health encourages motorists to review the Ohio Department of Public Safety precautionary measures and information.

Drivers should drive attentively in areas with deer-crossing signs, use high-beam headlights after dark when there is no opposing traffic and stay alert, as deer are often unpredictable. The highest-risk periods for deer is from sunset to midnight, followed by before and after sunrise.

If one deer is spotted, expect others to follow, as they usually travel in packs, and if a collision is unavoidable, it is usually best not to swerve. Jerking the wheel may cause the car to spin out of control or into oncoming traffic.

Drivers should always wear a seat belt and drive at a safe speed for road conditions. They should also report any deer-vehicles collisions to local law enforcement agencies within 24 hours. An insurance review may also be helpful, to ensure adequate insurance in the event of an accident.

Safe driving tips are available at publicsafety.ohio.gov and insurance information can be found at insurance.ohio.gov.

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