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Crash with dog killed Bedell

• Aug 21, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Aug, 21, 1935:


Crash with dog killed Bedell

Funeral services for LeRoy Bedell, 34, of Norwalk, state highway patrolman who was fatally hurt yesterday afternoon in a motorcycle accident on Route 59, seven miles east of Bellevue, will be held at 2 p.m. Friday from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church here under the direction of the state highway patrol department.

The Rev. Chas. H. Gross, rector of the church, will officiate. Interment will be in Hartland Ridge Cemetery.

Additional details of the accident reveal that Mr. Bedell and H.W. Bush, a fellow highway patrolman, were riding motorcycles westward at the time of the fatality. Bush was in front. Hearing a sound in the rear, Bush turned around just as Bedell’s machine went into a bad spill.

The injured man was taken to the hospital at Bellevue and died about 45 minutes after the accident. His skull was fractured.

The accident was caused by a shepherd or collie dog owned by Albert Francis, who lives on Rt. 59, about midway between the intersection with Route 4 and North Monroeville. The dog had been in the habit of crouching in the grass at the side of the road and charging out at motor vehicles, espeicially motorcycles When Bush roared past, the dog remained crouched, but lunged into the road at Bedell’s machine. The dog was killed. It was told that Francis had been cautioned several times against permitting the dog to rush out at vehicles. The wreck occurred about 400 feet west of the Francis home.

Sincere, faithful in duty, a magnificent physical specimen, kindly, tolerant with well meaning offenders but severe when rigorous action was demanded, Bedell was justly ranked as a well nigh ideal officer of the law. His official associates remark that his courage was of such an exalted degree that he hardly knew the meaning of the word fear.


Tennis racket wraps make hit

The Firelands Health Products Co. of Norwalk, specializing in the manufacture of latex grips for tennis rackets, baseball bats, tools and other articles, has started on its produciton run for 1936.

During the coming season, the company will center its attention on handles for tennis rackets. Later, handles for baseball bats and other articles will be produced in quantity sufficient to meet the strong and growing demand.

Athletes who have used the handles are strong in their praise of them. The article enables a player to obtain a firm and satisfactory grip, without being bothered by slipping.


Heyman reunion held Saturday

One hundred and five guests were present at the William Conrad Heyman reunion at Meadowbrook Park, Bascom, Sunday.

Members attended from Fort Wayne, Payne and Monroeville, Indiana and Toledo, Huron, Castalia, Bowling Green, Tiffin, Clyde, Bellevue and Monroeville. Flavial Heyman, Tiffin, was elected president, and Norma Behrens, Monroeville, secretary-treasurer.

The reunion next year will held the third Sunday in August at the same place.


Corn packing records are broken here

The Norwalk Pressing plant of the Standard Brands, within the last few days, has broken all corn canning records of the establishment.

Operations are on full blast, about 300 are employed at the establishment. Corn packing will continue about six weeks. The pickle pack will be large and in a few weeks preparations will be made to begin the packing of the sauer kraut.


Moose picnic merry affair

Norwalk Moose report a highly satisfactory time at the annual picnic held at Kozak’s Grove, 10 miles south of here on Route 61 Sunday. Attendance was large. Myron Zuerich won the greased pig contest, which proved a hilarious affair. A ball game and other features helped round out the program. A picnic dinner was enjoyed by all.



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