New Jaycee Park to have 'lot of amenities'

Cary Ashby • Apr 22, 2017 at 10:00 PM

Once the new and improved Jaycee Park reopens, it will be called the Jaycee Bicentennial Park.

Norwalk Public Works Director Josh Snyder said he encouraged Joe Lindenberger, the parks and recreation department superintendent, to integrate the park into the lift-station project.

“I think Josh has been phenomenal in working with keeping parks and rec in the loop,” Lindenberger said.

For Lindenberger, the project represents a great working relationship among Snyder, parks and recreation, the general services department, Norwalk Safety-Service Director Dan Wendt and the contractors. Lindenberger credited Snyder with being integral to helping lay out the vision for the park.

“With the trends now, we’ve remade that park with a new slate and added the pickleball courts,” Lindenberger added.

Snyder, in a separate interview, agreed.

“It’s a new park effectively; it’s a better park,” Snyder said, “with more access and “active features.”

“The (old) pavilion wasn’t in the best shape. The tennis court was underutilized,” he said.

The lift station project costs about $6.5 million — a price tag which includes the improvements to Jaycee Park. The city general services department removed the original playground, shelter and some trees.

In May, a city crew should start installing the pavilion and playground. A swing set will be between the restrooms and tennis/pickleball courts. The playground will have a pour-and-play foundation.

East of the pavilion will be two pickleball courts and one tennis court on the far side of the park. Six parking spaces will be south of the shelter.

“Pickleball is a combination of ping pong, wiffle ball and tennis. It’s not as strenuous as tennis. It’s something our older generation enjoys,” Lindenberger said.

A rock wall will be southwest of the pavilion near the creek. It is geared toward children, preteens and teenagers. A basketball court will be on top of the basin.

Snyder said he believes the new park should get multi-generational usage.

“There are a lot of amenities we didn’t have before,” he added.

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