'We just heard a loud noise and the building shook'

Zoe Greszler • Jul 2, 2019 at 7:00 PM

MILAN — Severe thunderstorms sent torrential rain and high winds blasting through the area Tuesday afternoon. 

The storms caused so much damage more than a dozen streets throughout Milan were at least partially closed, as well other places throughout Huron and Erie counties. Trees ripped out of the ground and downed power lines made it impossible drive the roads. The Milan town square was littered with down trees, limbs and branches, even mangling one of the park benches. In some cases, trees even fell on houses. At least three homes in Edison’s birthplace had a tree fall on it, including the home of Dan and Tina Frederick.

At the Fredericks’ residence the tree not only ripped out of the ground, it took the sidewalk and part of the underground piping with it. The couple wasn’t at home at the time of the storm, but expressed they were just glad no one was hurt.

Down the road, brick was torn off the top the business complex at 1 N. Main St., which houses a couple of businesses including a yoga studio and The Milan Wine Post. 

“We just heard a lot of noise and the building shook so we don’t know if we got hit by lightening or if it was the wind that did it,” said one of the Wine Post’s managers, who declined to be named. She said when the building shook another person in the building asked if a car had hit the building. When they walked outside after the rain and winds had passed, they saw some of the brick outside the back door. The rest fell onto the top of the building. 

Many throughout the village speculated if a tornado hit the area, however, no confirmation had been given on either a tornado or straight line winds as of early evening hours Tuesday. 

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