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Edison Drama Club to present 4 one-act plays

By Norwalk Reflector Staff • Jan 8, 2017 at 6:00 AM

MILAN — The Edison High School and Middle School Drama Club will start off the new year with four one-act plays at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 13 and 14 in the EHS auditorium.

The evening will begin with two short plays presented by a company of 38 middle school students.

The first play, “The Internet is a Distract.....Oh Look a Kitten,” written by Ian McWethy, provides a comic look at the influence of the internet in our screen dependent world. It tells the story of Micah, played by Noelle Marcy; and her friend Taylor, played by Aiden Anderson; who are finishing up a school report in the midst of you tube videos, inaccurate Wikipedia articles and pop up ads.

Next the middle school students will perform “Homework Eats Dog and Other Woeful Tales,” written by Alan Haehnel.

The play tells the story of Mr. Kobekeaneski, a science teacher, the originator of the school's most notorious make or break assignment which is due on Friday the 13th. Not surprisingly, Mr. K is treated to a parade of students, each with a creative excuse as to why they have not completed the assignment. Featured in the parade of students are Jane, played by Ashley Peck; Max, played by Jake Thompson; Diane, played by Chloe Shepherd and Amanda, played by Natalie Kwasny-Jackson. Mr. K has never accepted a late assignment in 23 years of teaching. Will this be the year his record is broken?

The evening will feature the premier performance of “The Cat Who Had a Shell,” a children's play written and directed by Edison junior Lydia Hoag. The play tells the story of a young turtle, played by Evan Hoffman, who finds himself in a pet store and sets out to discover who he is. Along the way he encounters the head of the cat syndicate, Mittens, played by Vernon Kluding; a parakeet played by Meredith Holler; a snake played by Katie Otto, and Shelley, another turtle played by Lizzy Robertson.

In the final play of the evening, “This is a Test,” by Stephen Gregg, we step in to the class room of Mrs. Williams, played by Jessica Graves, and follow Ellen, played by Allison Pennell and her friend Louis, played by Zachary Roth as they enter the night mare of high stakes testing where everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Tickets for the evening are $5 for students and senior citizens and $6 for adults. All tickets are general admission and will be sold at the door.

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