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Home with 'quite possibly the most spectacular waterfront property in North America' can be yours for only $39.75 million

• Apr 13, 2018 at 10:00 AM

One of the world’s deepest Alpine lakes, Lake Tahoe, straddles the California-Nevada state line offering prime water, mountain and forest views, hiking and ski resorts that attract wealthy home buyers.

Especially to the friendly-tax Nevada side such as Incline Village at the northernmost edge of the lake. As exhilarating — or laid back if you prefer — as Incline Village is today, the town has attracted adventurers since the Gold Rush days when Mark Twain lived there as a reporter for the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise in the late 1800s writing about the area’s mining boom.

The lakefront village was named after the Sierra Nevada Wood and Lumber Company incline railroad that hauled lumber for the gold mines up the side of the area’s mountains and then dropped it into a flume to be loaded onto the company’s rail cars. Today, residents and tourists enjoy fine dining, shopping, casino gambling, mountains, golfing, and outdoor sports.

Now for sale in the village is one of Nevada’s most expensive and contemporary homes, described by the listing agent as “quite possibly the most spectacular waterfront property in North America.”

Built in 2008 on the edge of Lake Tahoe with huge unobstructed views of the blue lake and snow-covered Sierras through six floors of floor-to-ceiling glass and steel walls, each of the home’s floors can be accessed via a glass elevator or glass stairwell. Sited on a half acre in front of a solid rock cliff that provides privacy, the 8,694-square-foot house includes four bedrooms, four baths, a dining room that appears to be floating over the water and a round, free-standing fireplace and chimney that can be viewed from the living room and while dining.

The home’s kitchen has such clean lines that without the island would almost be unrecognizable as such. The best and expensive materials, appliances and fixtures were chosen and with the seamed metal roof, makes the house unusually easy maintenance. The large double laundry and ski locker room combination makes clean up after skiing or water sports efficient even when entertaining a large group. Balconies with clear railings for unobstructed views provide outside space from upper levels with the ground level offering a terrace, lawn and access to the steel pier, boat hoist and two buoys on the 98-foot lake frontage.

Stunning contemporary waterfront mansion on Lake Tahoe in Incline Village, well-known for its sports and entertainment amenities as well as being a tax haven for the wealthy, is priced at $39.75 million. Co-listing agents are Janet O’Donnell and Michael Oliver with Christie’s Oliver Luxury Real Estate in Tahoe City.

Photos accompanying this story are credited to Christie’s Oliver Luxury Real Estate.

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Based on a new Florida law, Florida luxury condos, ritzy beach hotels and mansions may soon be able to keep the riffraff off their sand. For many years, all of Florida's beaches were open to the public, even the Palm Beach mansions that sell for $50 million and more. Beginning July 1, Florida beach lovers may not be able to get their sun tan on their favorite beaches. The beach owners will need to get a judge's order and can only restrict access to dry sand that ocean tides do not reach. About 60 percent of Florida beaches are privately owned.

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“Donald Trump's First Mansion Returns”

Donald Trump was only 35 when he and Ivana purchased his starter mansion - a 5.8-acre home on a peninsula in Greenwich, Connecticut for $4 million. Ivana immediately trumped up the mansion with lots of gold leaf, elegant chandeliers and crown moldings. When they divorced in 1991, Ivana won the mansion in the property settlement and sold the home in 1998 for $15 million. The new owners have toned it down a lot and added a tennis court, indoor lap pool, sauna and a 4,000-square-foot addition with guest suites. It's back on the market at $45 million, the same price when it was on the market in 2016 and reduced from $50 million when it was listed in 2010.

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James Garner was a television and movie star for over 40 years starring in 'Maverick,' 'The Great Escape' and 'The Rockford Files.' His former 400-acre ranch in Los Olivos is for sale at $16.5 million. Garner had the 8,000-square-foot home built in the 1990s with features including a shooting range, 25-acre vineyard and separate homes for the vineyard and ranch managers.

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“World's Happiest Country”

According to an annual report from the United Nations, Finland is the world's happiest country followed by Norway and Denmark. The analysis is based on several factors including income, trust and life expectancy. The United States slipped four spots to #18.

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One week after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, new President Lyndon B. Johnson purchased an 800-acre ranch near Johnson City, Texas. Even though his main home was a 330-acre ranch on the Pedernales River in central Texas, his new ranch was intended as a getaway that would insulate him from the press and the pressures of Washington, D.C.. Johnson's former ranch has been downsized to 142 acres and is for sale at $2.8 million.

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