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New look, changes in real estate tax billing

• Dec 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM

When taxpayers receive their real estate bills in January, they will have a new look.

Kathleen Schaffer, Huron County Treasurer, has signed a contract with Smart Bill, of Hebron, to handle the printing and mailing of the real estate tax bills.

There will be a significant savings to the county because Smart Bill qualifies for the deep postal rates discounts, due to the high volume of mailings. Forty seven counties in Ohio currently have contracts with Smart Bill.

Smart Bill will mail the bills out by Jan. 10. Bills will have all the information as the previous bills, but will be laid out a bit different from the old bills, and include a pie chart that will show how the citizens how their taxes are distributed.

The return envelopes will be white with green edges, and the back of the bill will contain the useful facts taxpayer’s need, such as payment options, paying by credit cards on the Lexis Nexis web page, how to obtain a receipt if payments are mailed in, and phone numbers.

If you do not receive a bill, contact the treasurer’s office. The phone number is 419-668-2090.

The Manufactured Homes bills will continue to be printed in house. Real Estate taxes will be due on Feb. 10. New this year: debit and credit cards will be accepted for payment in the main office. The drive through will be open Feb. 6 to 10 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. No cash or credit/debit cards will be accepted at the drive thru. Bill stubs must accompany payment to be accepted in the drive thru.

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