Willard 'not the place to be for criminals'

Zoe Greszler • Oct 4, 2018 at 9:00 PM

WILLARD — Out with the bad and in with the good — that’s what the Willard City Council is hoping to convey to its residents. 

The council heard Monday that the city’s police arrested 13 of 24 people who were secretly indicted on 67 charges last week. Willard’s City Manager Jim Ludban said he was “proud” of the officers’ work and mentioned that of the other 11 outstanding, several were from outside the city and therefore would have been picked up by other agencies. 

“It’s good to see the number of arrests made recently,” council president James Johnson said. “Hopefully that will help to get the message out that this is not the place to be for criminals.

Ludban also reported that the local EMTs administered eight doses of Narcan to two patients over the last month, “a continuation of the favorable, downward trend,” he said.

A good addition though for the city will be made in the next year as an ice cream shop attempts to fill a vacant spot. 

The former Lindy’s Ice Cream Shop on Walton Street had requests submitted to the city for permission to go ahead with plans to make it Lisa’s Ice Cream Shoppe. 

“The owner’s been in contact with us for a little while now and they plan to open that back up next spring as an ice cream place in the summer months,” Ludban said. “That will be nice to have that back.”

Also in the works is a $180,000 upgrade to the Kentucky Fried Chicken building, further down on the same road.

“It’ll be a similar upgrade as the other restaurants have done out there from my understanding,” he said. “They're about the last one out there that hasn't (remodeled).”

Council also heard:

• Two new school crossing signs were placed on Myrtle Avenue to protect the Parry Street pedestrian crossing.

• Power poles were placed on Neal Zick Road. About 3,000 feet of trenching is needed to install electrical lines, however, the lights are expected to be operational before Thanksgiving, according to the city manager. 

• Another $33,000 was accepted in donations toward the clock tower project, including an anonymous check for $20,000



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