Choosing her career a piece of cake for Wakeman teen

Aaron Krause • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:09 PM

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Making 16 cakes in one night can seem overwhelming, if not impossible even with two people working.

But 17-year-old Shaynna Coe was just doing something she loves.

The Western Reserve student hopes to own a wedding cake shop. Toward that end, she wants to attend the Art Institute of Charleston to study baking and pastry.

Baking is something Shaynna has done since she was old enough to handle a spoon. She'd help her mother bake cookies, and developed a love for the hobby.

Making cakes are her favorite. So, you can probably guess what Shaynna's role was in preparing for Western's annual chicken barbecue: preparing cakes. Shaynna and her best friend got to work at about 4 p.m. one day, and were through about six hours later. Shaynna proudly said the two burnt only one cake. They fixed white, yellow and chocolate cakes, topped with white, chocolate and cream cheese frosting.

Shaynna doesn't follow standard recipes. For instance, she'd heard about a recipe for strawberry cake, and came up with what she calls "Triple Strawberry Cake." It features whipped cream, cut-up strawberries and gelatin.

"I brought it to work and it was gone in seconds," the rural Wakeman teen said.

She also discovered a fudge cake recipe, and will add peanut butter. The cake will be for one of her friends who requested that type of cake. Besides, Shaynna said she's not a chocolate lover.

She may dislike chocolate, but she can't stand chicken. Her family used to raise them and they had names. Somehow, eating them doesn't sit right with her. Shaynna does, however, prepare chicken for her family; she just doesn't eat it.

When it comes to non-dessert foods, the aspiring pastry chef keeps it simple: Quiche, casseroles and pastas are some of the dishes she prepares.

"I think of things and I just make them," she said.

That includes the breakfast quiche Shaynna chose to share with Reflector readers this week.

"I just thought it up one day," she said. "It's good, everyone loves it."

The recipe includes some of the ingredients she always keeps handy: Vegetables, salt and pepper and cheese.

"I can't live without cheese," she said.

It's a safe bet Shaynna will be making some cheesecakes at her shop.

Her ambitions run higher. She watches the television program "Ace of Cakes," and saw the host make a Harry Potter cake, made to look like the Hogwarts School.

"It was the neatest idea," she said. "That would be really cool (to make); themed cakes."

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