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CHEAP COFFEE CLUB - A good nap can cure all

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:10 PM

“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away” was the philosopher’s Biblical quote as heavy coats plunked down on spare chairs in a CCC uptown coffee shop.

“Plus, snow falls on the just and the unjust, causing either one to fall on their kiester,” added Doberman. “At our ages it gets downright dangerous when senior ever-thinning calcium is placed at risk. Broken bones can cause some serious side effects. It is important to be very careful. Ice can be so dang slippery when it hides under a light snowfall.”

“I believe in hibernation,” stated the cynic. “If the weather’s bad, stay inside and take a nap or two.”

“From what I have observed over the years, I suspect you apply the same recommendation when it gets too warm in the summer,” added McBeane. “Although it runs in my mind that a few years ago the prospect of strolling around golf links would entice you away from a good nap or a ball game.”

“Remember when I told you about the peak of American scientific achievement which solved the mystery of frozen eggs and lettuce in my new refrigerator … apply duct tape and wait?”

“I feel compelled to describe my two latest telephone marathon trips with a couple modern corporate, never-ending quests for management perfection. But allow me to pause to compliment some unsung heroes … the brilliant ladies whose smiling voices helped to apply sympathetic solutions to my problems.

“They are great! I have a basic telephone company and a separate long-distance carrier. Our long distance carrier bills me separately for direct dialed calls on my regular phone. The phone company bills me for its other services. Except this month. I get a bill from them which shows $30 for long distance calls. I call my long distance carrier. They show nothing. The LDC gal sets up a conference call and all three parties confer.

“Well, those girls were just wonderful. They don’t know why the phone company billed me instead of the LDC, but they worked it out that everything should be adjusted next month. Terrific! I salute them. They were cool, polite and competent. It took an hour. I can’t wait to get next month’s bill.

“A couple days later it was my new mail-in prescription company. My retirement plan had changed prescription people. Before they took over I had made a couple calls to be sure everything would be okay with the new folks. I even got a couple of prescriptions filled with no problem.

“Then came D-Day. Our postman D-livered three letters regarding one script. The first (dated eight days before) said there was a new plan to save money and they would communicate with my doctor. The second thanked me for ordering from them. The third said my script had been authorized and I would receive it in seven to 10 days. I called and visited with a very knowledgeable and skilled representative. She worked on the problem and we thought we were okay. The way was clear. My capsules were in the shipping stream.

“I waited over two weeks. Nothing. I called again. Here was a new voice with kindness and compassion in ever syllable. They were faxing a new form to my doctor. As soon as he sent it back they would send my pain medicine by overnight at no extra charge to help make up for the hassle.

“I called my physician and a skillful gal there vowed to watch for my faxed form and handle the matter immediately. A couple hours later she called back to advise me that the doctor had prescribed and signed and it was sent. That was Thursday; it snowed Friday. A lot.

“I called them next Monday just to see what had happened. A lovely new friend for life tackled the dilemma again. It should come soon, but there was no record of the communication being received. Or anything sent. Let’s wait a day or two. OK.

“I phoned my retirement folks and they attacked the problem. This time it was a guy and later another lady from my team. Just great. They are trying to get me the prescription drug my doctor ordered which I have been using for years.

“That’s the story. I need coffee. Maybe a sugary doughnut too.”

“Well at least we didn’t talk much about the election today. Maybe we should seek out someone to be chaplain,” urged the merchant.

“Quite a few years ago I gave my ticket to a chaplain. He punched it and kept it,” came the mournful response.

“Perhaps it is a right wing conspiracy,” suggested Doberman.

Remember those who serve their nation in your thoughts and prayers.

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