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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:52 PM

The Non-Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) was designed to reduce financial losses that occur when natural disasters cause a catastrophic loss of production or prevented planting of an eligible crop by providing coverage equivalent to catastrophic (CAT) insurance.

Statute limits NAP to each commercial crop or agricultural commodity, except livestock, for which CAT is not available.

The application deadline date for the 2008 NAP coverage for winter wheat, rye, barley and speltz in Ohio is Oct 1. Producers who already have coverage on 2007 NAP crops may choose to continue coverage on the same crop or crops for 2008, if the applicable service fee is submitted by the application closing date. A new CCC-471, application for coverage is not required to be signed when applying for continuous coverage of the same crop or crops. Producers who choose to add a new crop(s) or delete a crop(s) from previous year's coverage or changing crop shares must file a new CCC-471 with signatures and pay the applicable service fee. Producers with 2007 NAP coverage must remember to complete the following to qualify for benefits:

Timely file acreage reports and keep track of harvested production using acceptable methods. For example, bale weights or other means of determining quantities of hay are required.

File a "Notice of Loss" within 15 days of when a loss is apparent, due to drought, hail, etc.

Here are some agri-business notes from the Huron and Erie County Farm Service Agency:

State rental rates for CRP As you recall from earlier this summer, the Ohio Farm Service Agency (FSA) county offices were reviewing the soil rental rates to determine the maximum payment rate for CRP annual payments. Recently, the county offices have finished reviewing the soil rental rates and made recommendations to the state level reviewing authority. State recommendations have been recently approved by the National CRP program manager. So, why were county soil rental rates changed? To ensure with the recent dramatic increase in commodity prices, that CRP rental rates were consistent with current higher cash rents. Also, to guarantee CRP rental rates are market-based and track current cash rents. So, how does this affect the CRP participant in Ohio? State rental rates in a majority of Ohio counties have been increased, which will increase the maximum payment rates for CRP. State rental rates for less productive soils were slightly lowered in only a handful of Ohio counties. The new soil rental rates are in effect now and may be applied to any CRP contract that has not been agreed to by the CRP participant and the FSA county committee. For more information on calculating your CRP maximum annual payment rate, contact your local FSA office.

Election update The nomination period for the upcoming County Committee election closed on Aug. 1.

The candidates that have been nominated for the 2008 Huron County Committee are, John Liles and Harold Dalton. For the Erie County Committee, Steve Kuhl and Donald Schaeffer will be the candidates. Ballots will be sent to eligible voters in LAA 2 in both counties in November. After making your selection the ballots must be SIGNED and returned to your respective county offices by Dec. 3. The representatives elected with take their seats on the County Committee on Jan. 1. County committee elections give farmers and producers an important opportunity to ensure that their FSA county committees represent them. Farmers and producers who serve on county committees help make decisions necessary to administer federal farm programs offered in their communities. County committees make decisions on agricultural issues such as; commodity price support loans and payments, conservation programs, disaster payments and employing county executive directors. Be sure to exercise your right to vote!!!

Spousal signatures Husbands and wives may sign documents on behalf of each other for FSA and Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) programs in which either has an interest. This option is automatically available unless a written request for exclusion is made to the county office staff by either spouse.

Maintaining stored grain quality Due to the recent high temperatures producers are reminded to keep an eye on the condition and quality of the stored grain.

Diana Strouse is the county executive director for the Huron and Erie County Farm Service Agency. For more information, call the agency at (419) 668-4113.

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