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Trump cries 'treason', giving birth leads to psychosis, opioid crisis hits home and more

• Sep 6, 2018 at 11:34 AM

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THE GUARDIAN: Trump cries 'treason' as senior official attacks president in anonymous NYT op-ed

Donald Trump has reacted with fury to an anonymous account written by a current Trump administration official claiming an internal White House resistance is working to “frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations” until he leaves – or can be removed from – office.

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FOX NEWS: Kavanaugh questioning enters final stretch, as Dems seem to lay traps

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh enters what could be the final stretch of questioning in his confirmation hearing Thursday, with Democrats springing a series of cryptic questions – in an apparent attempt to box the nominee into an embarrassing admission or at least throw him off what has been a relatively steady performance.

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THE ATLANTIC: When giving birth leads to psychosis, then infanticide

In May 2013, Kimberlynn Bolanos, 21, told her boyfriend she needed to take a shower. She placed her five-month-old son, Isaac, into his carrier and shut the door to the bathroom of a Chicago motel room. After 30 minutes, the boyfriend knocked on the bathroom door. He pushed the door open and saw his son was bloody and unconscious.

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USA TODAY: The opioid crisis hits home. Mine.

Our son Scott fatally overdosed last November. Nothing can bring him back, but I've learned some things that might help others cope with this affliction.

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BUZZFEED: 24 photos of iconic people during their school days

Everyone from Ronald Reagan to Matt Damon.

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