'Movie will showcase the hidden beauty of Lorain and surrounding areas'

Cary Ashby • Updated Dec 27, 2018 at 4:26 PM

Film director Joseph Carrion Jr. has returned to his hometown, Lorain, and the surrounding area to film a PG-rated movie intended for all ages.

“Many are stepping forward to take part in rebuilding Lorain. This movie will showcase the hidden beauty of Lorain and surrounding areas. In addition, this film will most certainly improve Lorain’s image and inspire the residents to take part in something positive and new that’s occurring in a large scale,” said Carrion, who lives in Michigan.

“This new movie is being made to bring unity to my hometown and surrounding areas, put a dent in the area’s violence and be a part of rebuilding my beloved hometown.”

Carrion called this untitled project the biggest one he ever has attempted. His last documentary was a story about fallen troops titled “Ohio Raises Heroes,” which debuted at the Lorain Palace Theatre and played at a few movie theaters in the Buckeye State.

In Carrion’s current project, he will work with residents to beautify Lorain by planting flowers and landscaping throughout the city. Crews will film the projects, which will be incorporated into the movie.

“During the filming throughout different locations of Lorain County, flowers and landscaping will be left behind as a memory of this beautiful movie project. The filming is projected to take a year. Editing the footage will also be time consuming,” said Carrion, who plans to start filming in the spring.

The movie will be a behind-the-scenes look at making a film in a real-life situation. The semi-autobiographical story focuses on a struggling movie director whose motivation is fading and is trying to do the biggest project of his life. During the man’s journey, he finally decides to take on the challenge and shake off the sadness and seclusion that has kept him pinned down for years.

“He starts contacting everyone (who) could join forces to bring this project to life. His search becomes a collection of TV and movie stars. The celebrities committed to be there for him. He begins writing the script and researching all the movies and TV shows these famous actors have acted in. He wants to tell their true life stories,” Carrion said.

Another focus of the movie is the fentanyl epidemic. Carrion plans to “inform the younger generation of how to avoid its ramifications.”

“I have contacted mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers who will provide solutions in the movie. They will also provide guidance on how to overcome the condition for anyone who suffers from it,” the director said.


Recruiting talented celebrities

Involved in Carrion’s documentary are celebrities whom he said “are connected with some of the best actors and directors in the entertainment industry” and are key to opening the doors of Lorain to the film industry.

Frank Araiza will be the primary actor. He has appeared in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “Dexter.”

Other actors who reportedly are involved are: Santiago Cirilo (“The Walking Dead,” Nashville”); writer and comedian Rudy Moreno (“Mom,” “Criminal Minds” and “Pacific Blue”) screenwriter, film producer, musician and artist Conrad Goode (“Don't Say a Word,” “Con Air,” “Anger Management,” “Me, Myself & Irene” and “The Longest Yard”). 

Carrion also has recruited Ricky “Showtime” Quiles, who has more than 18 years of professional boxing experience and currently trains movie celebrities in California. He has trained with Oscar de la Hoya, Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Hector Camacho and Julio Cesar Chavez. 

“The primary part of the movie is based on motivation. People search for movies or music to push them not to give up, regardless of the situation they are faced with in their lives. I know I can't do this by myself. Therefore I'm seeking support and assistance,” said Carrion, who is in talks with several other entertainers who aren’t confirmed to participate.

Carrion has a GoFund Me account about the film, listed under “Lorain County Movie,” with a goal of $25,000.

The filmmaker said he is recruiting talented people who will “motivate everyone to not forget what they wanted to be or what they want to be.” Carrion also plans on using as many “extras” from Lorain County as possible to participate.

“Seventy percent of the movie will be based on true life stories of these talented people,” he said, referring to the recruited entertainers.

After completing his documentary, Carrion plans on showing it at many small towns throughout the United States. After each one, the audience will leave with information for the movie website, which will include the filming location addresses in Lorain County and information on nearby hotels, restaurants and attractions.

“(It) will welcome visitors to our hometown so they can walk in the same places the movie was filmed,” Carrion said.

For more information, go to Facebook and join the public group “Lorain Movie.” 

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