Metal for Moms spreading 'Christmas joy'

Cary Ashby • Dec 8, 2018 at 10:00 PM

Metal for Moms is collecting scrap metal and turning the money into Christmas presents for local families and gift baskets for nursing home residents.

“We want to bless people this Christmas who are going through a tough time and bring Christmas joy to kids and some elderly people (who) might not get family to visit them at the nursing home,” said Norwalk resident Josh Roeder, who started the non-profit group in 2011.

“This time of year is really important to us to help out those struggling. Everyone kid deserves a Christmas present. With your help we can do that,” he added. “A guy from work gave me the idea about helping out at the nursing home. Everyone deserves a gift for Christmas.”

Metal for Moms is a part of Foot Soldier Ministry, 501(3)(c) non-profit organization.

“So any donations can be (written) off on your taxes,” Roeder said.

“We have been doing Metal for Moms since 2011 and have raised over $100,000 and over a million pounds of scrap recycled helping out local charities. All glory to the good Lord, Jesus Christ. This idea we had seven years ago has turned into a real, full-blown project with other ideas coming to life. God will take you on a wild ride; all you have to do is decide to follow.

“Kevin Scheid, my brother, has been here from the beginning and has put countless miles and wear on his trucks for the love to help those in need. He is a walking miracle with a heart of gold,” Roeder said, referring to his best friend.

Scheid and Roeder graduated from Monroeville High School in 2002. Many Eagles alumni are involved in Metal for Moms.

“I’m blessed to be surrounded by brothers (who) have a heart to make a difference in this world — God-fearing men (who) share the love to help his children,” Roeder said.

Foot Soldier Ministry is housed at 13 S. Main St., Monroeville. Archie Leis, of Norwalk, donated the former Howard Leis Furniture building to the group.

“My father bought this building back in the ’40s. This was a bank, which is the reason that vault is there. My dad started here as a jeweler back in the ’40s,” Archie Leis said during the open house in June.

Sam Childers, better known as the “Machine Gun Preacher,” spoke at the event. Roeder met and befriended the pastor during FaithFest, a worship festival a couple years ago. Childers has been doing ministry in three African countries for 23 years.

Among the plans for the Foot Soldier Ministry headquarters are the non-profit Grindstone Gym and hosting Bible studies.

“Top of the list to get done at (the) Foot Soldier Ministry building in Monroeville is the bathrooms. And we are blessed to say we have raised the funds to get it done and having local volunteers to get it done. It's a work in progress; getting so many people involved is the best part. Everything is starting to fall into place,” Roeder said.

If you have metal to donate, call or text Jon Dublo 419-921-4399. Like the Metal For Moms Facebook page.

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